Bryanboy's Exercise Videos

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Bryanboy’s Exercise Videos

God damn I hate YouTube! The Clackers would’ve been soo proud of me for all the clickity clackity click clack noise I did but god damn YouTube’s "quick capture" feature fucked my exercise videos up. If you watch my exercise videos below, they stop for a few seconds (the music is still there) before playing/stopping again. Ugh!

What can I say, I’m a masochist. People wear shorts and sneakers whenever they exercise but I, on the other hand, like to wear my old Marc Jacobs size 2 flares (it’s funny how my jeans are soo loose yet I look sooo fat in em) and 4-inch Jimmy Choos for MAXIMUM calorie-burning effect.

The things we do when we’re alone eh? Fun, fun, fun! Calling all festively plump boys out there — get a pair of heels, lock the doors and dance for 90 minutes straight. I think I burned 1,000 calories. Loves it!


  1. crave

    lol you delisciously tragic bryan… keep it up…
    i want your waist line…

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