Bryanboy the muscle mary faerie?

Eeeew. This is horrid. I measured my upper arm with a tape measure and it’s 8.5 inches around the ‘muscle’ area when I ‘flex’ it. Must. lose. muscle. mass.

Me: what can I do to make the flesh behind my arms disappear? look at this photo and look at the horrid bingo wings. i swear i could fly with that crap. ugh. it’s soo gross.

StefStef: you can make that area seem less fat by working out the muscles there instead. there are a lot of exercises for that area but they are to increase muscle size and density so the best you can hope for is to make it a bit firmer but then you would have to gain some muscles and since you don’t want that, it would be hard.

Me: blah blah. what you’re trying to say is… i’m doomed for life?

Stef: pretty much.

PS. Time to get a fake tan. I hate being yellow!

Height: 5’9