Bruised knee

Written By bryanboy

Bruised knee

Ouch. I saw this ginormous bruise on my knee yesterday afternoon and I honestly have no idea how I got it.

bruised knee

It’s starting to turn black. Also, it’s much mucho bigger and grosser in person, I think.


Poor me. Poor old me.


  1. You’ve been on your knees giving someone a b.j. Was he a little rough?

  2. isobel

    hmmm? im sure it’s gotten to do with being malnourished. wha-ha! you have to eat some more.

  3. FziRsl

    Eww, what happened?? Did you bang your leg onto some sharp-ends or what??
    It’s like some bitch punched your knees, huh???

  4. THAT IS SO WEIRD– I just got back from jogging, and I was blogging about how I badly bruised my knee.
    –Le Mars

  5. hmmm that must be some symptoms of revolting disease growing in your inner

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