Anya Hindmarch Ching Chong Edition.

Written By bryanboy

Anya Hindmarch Ching Chong Edition

The Asian version of *that* bag is gonna be available for sale on July 6 in Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda. If you’re one of the crazy fools who are willing to queue for hours to get that bag, please keep my fat, third world brown ching chong ass in mind and snap one for me because I live in the cesspit of Asia. My country doesn’t exist according to the people at Anya Hindmarch. Yes, we’re on the same league as Argentina except the people are hotter over there.

Anya Hindmarch I am not a plastic bag!

Think of it as a belated/advance birthday/thanksgiving/halloween/christmas present. I’m soo obsessed about it and it’s not even funny. Yes I’m pathetic enough to want something everyone wants/already have so FUCK ME WITH A FRUITCAKE. I know there are other alternatives out there but getting the real deal is far better. My porn stash and my sex toys will thank you later.

What do you think?

PS. Can I just say that those bags are cheap and shipping them to me is is also cheap? I’ll even slap you in the face with cash if you want me to pay you back but hell I’m not gonna pay $100 for that shit. There really is no excuse for you people not to get me one. Do it for the poor. Do it for the whales. Do it for the seals. Do it for the third world kids. Do it for me because I’m preeeeettttty!! Hahaha. Ok. Over and out. This obsession is silly. Silly, I tell you!


  1. Anonymous

    The US version only costs $15/piece. I got my 2 a couple of weeks ago.

  2. $100/piece for the Asian edition? Wow, that is expensive. It only costs $15/piece in the US and I got my alloted 2 a couple of weeks ago. The UK edition is approximately the same cost as the US edition.

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