Another hot day…

Written By bryanboy

Another hot day…

Jesus. I went outside for a quick smoke (I’m trying to cut back on cigarettes so I have this new rule that I’m only gonna smoke outside and NOT indoors) and boy, I swear to god it felt as if it was 40 degrees celsius (that’s approx. 104F for you yanks).

I’m leaving the house in a bit to run some errands. How am I gonna deal with the heat? Ugh!

I hate the third world.


  1. Urgh tell me about it, I just flew in from chicago yesterday and I’m sweating like a fat bitch in heat. Eh, I won’t bother going out till the mid-day sun is gone.

  2. Haha, you were BORN in the third world– you should be able to handle the hot weather, no?
    Uhh, and with global warming, I’d hate to see Manila in 40 years.
    –Le Mars

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