Anne Semonin Shampoo

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anne semonin, shampooAnne Semonin Shampoo

There are three shampoos I like: Frederic Fekkai Technician shampoo (my favourite), Agua Spa (Morgans Hotel Group – think Delano Miami/Sanderson London/Hudson NYC), and Anne Semonin. I ran out of Frederic Fekkai a few weeks ago and I got myself some Anne Semonin mistletoe shampoo and mmmm it smells so good. I discovered this 2 years ago in Paris and I’ve been hooked since. Get yourselves a bottle now. Your hair will thank me later.

Anne Semonin Paris Mistletoe shampoo
200ml – Thai Baht 2,800 (about US$88)


  1. I am a 50 something year old woman who reads your blog and you MADE me want to buy an Ana Hindmarch bag, before I even knew what I was doing I was trying to bid for one on ebay. I sincerely hope someone is paying you for this talent. I am also a hairdresser and you should try Crede shampoo and conditioner, it is made here in Japan but you may be able to get it in your third world country.

  2. lisalisa

    yes yes i love this shampoo too, love love love it blah blah blah have i been banned from commenting or what?? everytime i’ve tried commenting u refuse to post them anymore??

  3. What products do you use to style your hair? Your hair always looks so great I want to know how you do it!

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