WhiteLight Teeth Whitening

Written By bryanboy

WhiteLight Teeth Whitening

I have to admit I’m not really a big fan of home TV shopping or "as seen on tv" bullcrap. I cringe with horror and disgust whenever I see infomercials (remember Miss Cleo from the late 90s) of these overly-hyped products. I once ordered something from TV — abflex — and boy I was disappointed. Anyyyyywayyyy, I was chatting to a friend about this teeth whitening and she mentioned she bought this thing called "WhiteLight" and apprently it’s effective. Apparently, it’s cheap, too. When you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes and drink black coffee from the tap like I do, well, chances are, your teeth aren’t spectacular.

Anyone else around here who tried the WhiteLight Teeth Whitening crapola system? I wanna hear your experiences. Like most "as seen on TV" products, it seems too good to be true.


  1. I tried it. It works, but going to the dentist is better.
    I enjoy getting my teeth cleaned. It’s very satisfying.

  2. All of these are gel peroxide, stronger if your dentist does it especially if he has the Brite White laser activated system. Or fix everything all at once with caps or implants. Get a hi-tech dentist (think under 30) that has all the computer tools to make you look your best.

  3. Robin

    Bryan, buy GoSmile. It’s expensive, but it works (can be bought on eluxury I think)

  4. P11,000 for dental whitening (shangrila dental office, from the last time i went…which could mean it’s more expensive now, since i was there two years ago) isn’t too bad – plus it REALLY looks good. bad part: you cannot smoke or drink alcohol for a good long while after the procedure! expect lots of tooth sensitivity…which means you can’t eat much right after..

  5. Hey, I bought “RAPID WHITE”; a product use for whitening of teeth at $80 Singpore Dollars. Apparently, there were no different to my teeth although I’ve used it for like, say, 2 months now. The reasons why I bought this stupid RAPID WHITE was because the TV advertising were so convincing and what’s more, it’s actually an American product. In case you don’t know, I trusted only American Advertisements since. Now, I was so disappointed and I felt been cheated..
    So take my words BryanBoy, don’t ever purchase TV COMMERCIAL stuff.. They are so fake. They made this advertisement for money.
    The best way is, see the dentist. Is that simple?? I think it is.

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