WhiteLight Teeth Whitening

I have to admit I’m not really a big fan of home TV shopping or "as seen on tv" bullcrap. I cringe with horror and disgust whenever I see infomercials (remember Miss Cleo from the late 90s) of these overly-hyped products. I once ordered something from TV — abflex — and boy I was disappointed. Anyyyyywayyyy, I was chatting to a friend about this teeth whitening and she mentioned she bought this thing called "WhiteLight" and apprently it’s effective. Apparently, it’s cheap, too. When you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes and drink black coffee from the tap like I do, well, chances are, your teeth aren’t spectacular.

Anyone else around here who tried the WhiteLight Teeth Whitening crapola system? I wanna hear your experiences. Like most "as seen on TV" products, it seems too good to be true.