Too Much. So Couture. Just Perfect.

Written By bryanboy

Too Much. So Couture. Just Perfect.

My favourite grand house of fashion, namely Chanel, recently got jewelry designer Jessica Kagan Cushman’s knickers in a twist because of some silly fight over bangles. Think slogan bracelets ala slogan tees by House of Holland.

I don’t know about you but I think my cheap yet chic resin bangles made by Rafia & Bossa that I got in Colette 2 years ago for €85 each are lovely. I know the font is a cute sans-serif and they’re not made out of luxurious ivory with hand-engraved details but when you look at it on a different perspective, my quirky & whimsical bracelets are just as fabulous without the overpriced and overcompensating price tag, no?

Just be thankful Fashionista’s BFF du jour, Forever 21, hasn’t come out with copies as of yet. I have one thing to say to all of you, Chanel, Jessica and other purveyors of lovely bangles out there. First one to send me lots and lots of gorgeous bangles for FREE (by mail) to add to my growing collection will get a kiss from me on the cheeks and an oreo cookie.

Email me for my mailing address. SHOWER ME WITH GOODIES!!


  1. ascaris lumbricoides

    not related to ur post.
    saw you on y-speak the other day. what happened? why the cracky-nervous type of voice? u sounded nervous while being interviewed

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