The Wicked and Wonderful World of Philippine Elections

Written By bryanboy

The Wicked and Wonderful World of Philippine Elections

Well, well, well. What do we have here?

Do you like my dress?

I know I’m not supposed to dip my pudgy fingers in the wicked and wonderful world of third world politics but it’s everywhere! It’s around me! It’s election season once again and to be honest with you, I’d rather litter my site with the drama of this year’s elections than what’s her face, oh yes, if you live in my neck of the woods you’ll know who I’m talking about. She pulled a massive, Academy-award winning performance over the weekend no? If anything, I thought she handled herself with dignity. I was quite surprised because I was expecting her type to go “all-out” in front of the camera. I really feel sad for her. I really do. Nobody deserves crap in this life. Besides, she seems to be a nice person but hey, I’ve never met her and I know little about her so I can’t really judge.

Moving on, before you read my rant below, check this link out and try to digest as much information as you can.

Then click click click.

I made the decision to post yet another politics-related entry because I received a lengthy email a few hours ago from someone who I think belongs to a political clan in the third world. The email sender’s last name is the same to that of one of the senatorial candidates so who knows if they’re actually related.

Don’t bother asking me who it was because s/he requested confidentiality and that’s exactly what I promised that person when I replied.

And no, it’s definitely not Olivia Palermo. Hah!

It was a lengthy email alright but it wasn’t “nasty” in nature. The person expressed his/her (oh screw this shit, this s/he, his/her, him/her is terrible!! Moving on forward, I’ll refer to that person as a “her” because I love women) dismay on my conscious choice NOT to vote the other day.

And it wasn’t only her who expressed disappointment and anger at me over the past few days. Many of you emailed and sent me text messages saying all sorts of crap under the sun. A lot of people even called me “irresponsible” considering it’s my “duty” and/or “obligation” to vote.

I like to think I’m used to getting crap all the time. On normal circumstances, I’d just shrug it all off and/or masturbate over them because I don’t owe anyone explanation. But the magnitude and tone of your emails certainly hit a chord so what the heck, I might as well speak up and share my side of the story.

I didn’t vote the other day because of many things. I don’t have the patience or the attention span to list them all – I would rather file my nails than list reasons like corruption or abominable same old, same old tired political candidates. I mean really, this is the only country in the world where political positions are handed out to their next-of-kin, similar to that of a monarchy. It’s so disgusting and shameless! Believe it or not, I actually have a HECK OF A LOT more respect to children of Filipino politicians who pursue careers (never mind the fact that their j’adorable and charming lives are an all-expense paid trip courtesy of the brown monkey republic… we’re willing to play blind!) that are COMPLETE opposites to that of their parents…. compared to those politician’s kids who pursue politics because

a) their patriarch/matriarch died.
b) their patriarch/matriarch reached their full term
c) their patriarch/matriarch "upgraded" to another position.

I don’t care what you all say but it’s just sooo wrong whenever someone finishes his/her lengthy term in the office (and often times they’ll run for a higher position) then their next-of-kin goes in charge. I’m sure you’ve all heard the same old tired excuses these nepotistic bitches but for the most part, the only reason why they pass the baton of power to their next-of-kin is to stay in power. How can one expect CHANGE?

UGH. I’ve lost it.

So yeah, going back on track, it would take soo much time and effort for me to list the reasons why I didn’t vote so I’m gonna tell you the MAIN reason why.

It’s simple, really.


*shudder* I have ZERO faith on the election. Need I say more?

Elections are supposed to be sacred; this is how a leader is chosen by the people, for the people. It should be revered and treated with high-regard and respect.

Why should I waste my time and get my precious, pretentious, pompous cum-filled fat little arse to go to the voting booth, ruin my nails by getting disgusting ink on my fingers when I have NO faith and NO trust that my vote will go to the right hands?

Call me crazy but I think my vote is more important than my virginity, thanks very much.

Sure it’s my “right” to vote. But why should I exercise such right when I know the current system is flawed in many, many counts?

Have you been watching the news?

Over 120 people died in the past 4 months because of this silly election drama. On election day, candidates sent clowns to bribe people for their votes and/or to harass them – as witnessed by foreigners who are in town to see the spectacle with their own eyes. Public school teachers (people who count ballots and election returns) are being murdered left and right. Schools are being burned down, ballot boxes are being stolen — did you see how these armed men threatened these election people, stopped them on the street to confiscate 12 ballot boxes only to find them at a nearby river (Pampanga) yesterday morning?

A lot of these candidates employ ALL FORMS OF DISGUSTING TACTICS in order to be in POWER.

If these candidates/politicians can’t even respect the sanctity of an election, how can they serve the people?

The current system is soo outdated and flawed that’s why all this crap is happening.

Oh please. The system ain’t flawed…. yung mga tao ang tarantado!

In this day and age, the counting process should be automated and done by computer/internet to minimize the risk of cheating. I know it will take lots of time and resources to hook a computer in every part of the country but it should be the NUMBER 1 priority because it will serve the nation in the long run.

Oh who are we kidding. The government had plans (a looong time ago) automating the counting process but a lot of politicians went against it because hello – they can pull excuses out of their hairy nepotistic gook arses, go beyond the edge of reason and say whatever they want but it only boils to one thing: they’re gonna have to say goodbye to cheating opportunities! Brown monkeys in the third world had already paid $14,000,000 in equipment — wat happened to that?

Gathering dust somewhere, perhaps?

Speaking of automation and computer equipment, can I just say something else?

Don’t buy computers in the Philippines, especially if you’re gonna buy computers wholesale. Who knew 600 desktop computers (for public schools) will run you US$3,000,000? Apparently, it costs US$5,000 for a computer set and no, it ain’t no Sony VAIO.

What a joke. I bet someone’s rollin’ with the homies somewhere. Hahaha!

I’m sorry, I really cannot help but laugh how rotten this shithole is. I love my country. I really do. But I really have had enough!

The media could only report and expose as much but the people in power have, over the years (duh) developed a “numbing” shield. It’s part of what they get themselves into. Everyone is just shameless these days. Heck, I’m one of them too! LOL. It really is a sad, sad, sad nation.

Enough verbal diarrhea for now. I’m telling you… I think I’ve covered far too many topics beyond my intellectual capacity (hello i only have 2 brain cells) and I totally went astray from what I want to say.

Why oh why oh why should I vote when all this crap is happening and absolutely nothing is being done about it?

To get my vote, one should get my trust. I don’t trust the current system. End of story.

Perhaps when they automate the counting process, I’ll change my mind? It’s one tiny, baby step, I know, but that’s how things change – in little steps.

It’s better than no change at all.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. ihatethatilovebb

    i get your point but i did vote, for the sake of exercising my right. This third world may not be America but nevertheless, in a way, I still feel that somehow, someway, democracy still exists.

  2. bading

    bb, i m so proud of u!!! not exercising ur right 2 vote is a political act in and of itself!!! i applaud u 4 that!!! but really, we all know things will never change in pinoy politics!!! i gave up on that a long long time ago & u should too!!! so having said that, i want MORE PIXIONARY!!! MORE COUTURE!!! MORE FAGGOTRY GALORE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Tumahimik ka nga. What you said is true.
    YOU ARE SHAMELESS. Ang kapal ng mukha mo!
    You have no right to complain how the government works because you’ve never exercised your right to vote.

  4. chelo

    I agree. You can’t really complain because you didn’t vote.
    Good luck!

  5. Elaine

    I applaud you for choosing NOT to vote! You’re right – it is a choice and if you don’t trust the system, then you are within your right not to vote. I think your action speaks volumes rather than choosing a mediocre, corrupt politician. Don’t waste your vote!!!

  6. Lourdes

    is there a special someone in your life who pumped some sense into your system? this is your best entry so far. you should write socially-relevant entries more often. you are a talented, bright young man.
    bravo, bryan, bravo!

  7. Sorry, Bryan, but you can’t complain if you didn’t vote. Not going to vote can be considered by “analysts” as “being busy with work” rather than “protesting against the system”. You could have gone to the polls and put a huge X on the ballot. THAT would make a statement.

  8. sad sad willow

    i sooo get where you’re coming from bryanboy! heck, i just went out to the polling place last monday to kill time! and com’on people! our vote doesnt even count. ever heard of the word ma-ni-pu-la-tion? thats what the so called political machinery is for! elections in the philippines is not a politics of principles.its a politics of the most greed and cunning. and we are no match for that.

  9. tiffany

    I hate all those shit “you can’t complain if you didn’t vote” high almighty people — well, if they find voting so enjoyable, then they should vote — it’s probably a self actualization thing anyway. you feel good when you vote, then go vote — don’t feel bad for all of the people who had more fun at home than out in the sun.

  10. bongga! minsan ka lang magblog abt something na may kabuluhan pero pag once u do, may sense!

  11. sexypurny

    aba wala kayong pkialam kung hindi bo2to c Bryanboy. dhil walang kwenta nmn talaga eleksyon noh puro dayaan lng. kaya kayong mga bumoto ayan magpauto kayo

  12. yup yup

    good entry. i dont live in the philippines but i know what you are talking about. the philippines needs to change. They need to be more strict in the ways they handle things.

  13. panda_eats_shoots_leaves

    I did not vote because I’m lazy! ROTFLMAO!

  14. Bb. Pilipinas

    I am not sure if I am more disappointed that
    (A) several of these comments agree with your decision on choosing NOT to vote or
    (B) YOU, who have the potential to be a ‘smart’ voter, who can make a difference, DID NOT vote.
    I take that back. I am just disappointed. PERIOD.

  15. @ tiffany – Such apathetic comments make our country easy prey for Communists. No matter what you say about “our votes gonna get cheated anyway,” remember that it is better to practice our country’s democracy than not practicing our sovereignty at all. So go ahead, bask under the sun while the poor people who NEEDED our votes for better leaders continue to wallow in poverty.

  16. sorry for making a cheap politcal statement but most native filipinos are idiots in general.
    i wonder how many people here came up with the conclusion that voting for ‘someone’ is somehow helphing the masa idiotas. they’re to blame for their bankrupt pockets and intelligence. maybe if you used rubber and didn’t spring off 5 little shits that you can’t financially support, you wouldn’t be in such a pathetic state of poverty.
    Whatever, filipino politics is just another form of showbizness. it’s entertaining but it serves no purpose whatsoever. i’m with bryanboy on this one; vote if you’re willing to withstand hours under the blistering summer weather without even gurantee that your vote is going to be counted. i’d rather spend my time getting a pedicure in a nice air conditioned room.

  17. joylet

    Was that Ruffa you were talking about? Sorry I couldn’t quite pay attention to the other verbal diarrhea spat because as we all know, what you said is TRUE. I didnt vote myself because : 1. Im not a registered voter. Kakatamad to register ang haba haba ng pila at ang init init pa.
    2. Wala rin naman masyadong kwenta yung mga tumatakbo for office. Sayang ang boto ko!
    When we go computerized, and I am assured my vote will REALLY count, then I will vote. In the meantime, let us all burn in political hell.

  18. chris

    you usually post a lot of glamorous crap bb, but i appreciate this blog. shows a more, humane side we rarely get to see.

  19. Bb. Pilipinas

    @cj | May 17, 2007 at 10:19 AM
    APOLOGY on your cheap political statement about native filipinos being idiots in general – NOT ACCEPTED.
    you dismiss the right to vote and would rather get a ‘pedicure’ in an air-conditioned room? you dare say filipino politics serves no purpose whatsoever? you label children of poor families ‘little shits’?
    cj, people vote NOT because they are willing to stand under the blistering sun, but because it is their RIGHT. bumoboto ako, at nagbabayad ng buwis, hindi lang para mas may ‘bearing’ ang pagreklamo ko sa gobyerno, pero para makatulong din sa sambayanang pilipino.
    pero this is just me, a native filipino talking. hay naku, what’s the use? your immature little brain will never NEVER know what Im talking about if you keep inhaling that nail polish.

  20. bb,
    i wasn’t directing my apology at your, but rather at bryanboy for littering his site with political 3rd world nonsense.
    did i hit a soft spot by saying most native filipinos are idiots in general? of course they are, and this is coming from a filipino himself. 70+% of the citizens there belong in the ugly slums of our country. and most of them are in fact, idiots. honestly, why did they even let FPwhatshisname get so close to winning the precidency? if you’re being offended by my general conclusions, then perhaps you’re part of the majority of idiots that constitute our nation.
    let’s not blame our pathetic country on politics in general. sure they may constitute to our stagnant growth in terms of the economy, but please, most of the time, filipinos are themselves to blame for their poverty. it’s a free market economy sweetie, and most are too lazy to make an effort to achieve nothing more than a security guard or a *yaya*.
    who said i was putting you down if you wanted to vote? go ahead, just don’t judge me because i can’t be bothered using my right to vote. i have better things to accomplish than voting for a candidate who spews lip service and no action. don’t get me wrong, once i see an actual candidate that deserves a seat in our government, then i will vote.
    but hey, you couldn’t possibly communicate with an “imature-brained, nail polish” sniffer like me. ;)

  21. *crazybanana*


  22. Bb. Pilipinas

    @cj : damn right you hit a spot. damn right i got offended. it’s too easy to make sweeping statements about the poor no? specifically from some upper-middle class jerk who had never worked a day in his life. thought so. also, i have 2 words for you SPELL-CHECK.
    @crazybanana: i agree. if you really want to be of service, you can always do so anonymously. but if you want to help as fast as you can, as effective as you can – you need to be in charge. hence, elections. although along the way, nawawala paminsan yung original plan nung kandidato. which is SERVING THE PEOPLE. kaya nga we need to vote wisely.
    @empress maruja: panalo ka rin. the right to vote is something WE should not take for granted. and Im happy you agree. Im sure marami din diyan, tahimik lang.
    this website is cool. i love fashion, i love knowing who’s the hottest new designers now. i love the chismis as much as the next girl. but this does not mean i am indifferent to my country, my community, my politics. DISSING your own people, with unsubstantiated facts, will never be cool in my book. But that’s just me, a native filipino.

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