The Male Gaze

Artist Slava Mogutin must be reading my blog. Hay ho bag how are you? Kiss kiss kiss kiss. Great. Just great. Miguel emailed me something oh so chilling. Oh well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. At this point, I am certain of one thing. I’m a great source of inspiration for people…. and that includes artists. Geography is definitely no boundary when it comes to **MY** faggotry.

Click click click!

This is me in Moscow, December 2005.

And here’s the accompanying photo at the New York Times write-up for an exhibition called "The Male Gaze". Apparently, this photo is a "museum-worthy" piece!!

Edit: maybe this picture is old? You know, like older than mine?

This is the artist, Slava Mogutin.

Oooh daddy!

No doubt the world has gone mad when you’ve got an exhibition propelling masculinity and testosterone with artwork inspired from one of the world’s most effeminate characters. HAHAHAHAHA

Fucking hell.

At this rate, I should be a fucking guest editor at a magazine, kinda like what Kate Moss did for Vogue Paris, no?

God I’m so delusional and I fucking love it. Hahahhaa!

What do you think?

The Male Gaze is open for viewing at the Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY until May 24, 2007.

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I love you all!