The Lovely and Beautiful Lovisa Burfitt

Written By bryanboy

The Lovely and Beautiful Lovisa Burfitt

Herregud!! Herregud!!! Jag har tårar i mina ögon när jag skriver det här. Det är sååå otroligt!!! Major brownie points if you can guess who made the illustration below just by looking at it. I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek and an oreo cookie if you manage to guess it correctly. Well duh, I already gave the answer but whatevs. Haha!

Is this the best week ever or what? My email account is clearly enjoying multiple orgasms as we speak, thanks to the abundance of unexpected gifts from you lot. Your love is overwhelming! It’s amazing how the internet made the world… at least mine… smaller — I’m honestly, honestly amazed how far my faggotry has reached and to think, I’m nothing but a dazed and deranged silly little pretentious princess from viva la third world!

Guess who sent me to cardiac arrest earlier this week? Click click click!

It’s Swedish designer Lovisa Burfitt in the house y’all!

Note: I edited her "special message" because it’s just between me and her. *wink wink* Haha! I am soo gonna print this illustration and get it framed!!!! It’s priceless baby, priceless!

I swear to god, never in my life I’d imagine to have such lovely and talented people get in contact with me — out of nowhere! I always, ALWAYS get the virtual equivalent of an electroshock treatment whenever I open my email account. God knows how people find me and sometimes, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not there are angels out there who know someone who know someone who know someone yaddi yaddi yadda. Like what I said, I’m really nothing but a ditz with crappy internet access and I’m truly blessed (in many, many, unmeasurable ways) to be communicating with… THE WORLD!!!!

As some of you may know, I first took notice of lovely Lovisa when I saw this photo of my favourite (Vogue Paris) Editor-in-Chief in the whole wide world, Ms. Carine Roitfeld.

Thanks to one of my (presumably Swedish) readers, I found out Lovisa’s name. I went to her website and learned a lot about her. In addition to beautiful, beautiful chic clothes, she also makes these fabulous illustrations.

BTW, her artwork can be found on but I’m having problems visiting that website. She made all these gorgeous, gorgeous art inspired by the glamour of Kate Moss, Paris, Chanel and Dior cosmetics!!!

Credit: Lovisa Burfitt

Lovisa’s clothing collection can be viewed on her other website, See for yourself. I just wish her beautiful clothes are available in promiment outlets — Barney’s are you reading this? Snap her up cause she’s hot hot hot! LOL.

I have another surprise for you guys but I’ll save it at a later time. ;)

I have one thing to say to Lovisa…

I’m soo happy!


  1. Sofia

    You so deserve it! Fabulous illustration for fabulous person!

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