The homeless and Chanel + DIOR HAUTE COUTURE

Written By bryanboy

The homeless and Chanel + DIOR HAUTE COUTURE


I wandered around the streets of Nueva York last night after a hot and horny craigslist "bareback and skiing" fuck fest and found these people rummaging through Chanel’s trash. I wonder what treasures those massive brown boxes hold. Accessories, anyone? Any sample-sized dresses?

Just kidding. My buddy Thomas emailed me these cheeky photos. BTW, what are those white shoes the the guy in the blue jacket is wearing? They’re ginormous like a cruiseliner!!! EEEK!!!

Out with the old… and the old resurfaces on eBay! Click click click.


I don’t like the diamond cut-out details on the glove though. I really want something plain and simple. I’m gonna give them a call in a few hours.

Here’s a little extra treat for you guys. A couple of John Galliano for Christian Dior Haute Couture dresses were flown in straight from Paris.

Isn’t it nice to be within inches of couture, even if there’s a thick wall of glass in between you? Salivate over the details…. oh the beading…. oh the embroidery… oh how beautiful!!

Calling butterfly… madam butterfly!!

I love it!!

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  1. Hey Bry ( read Bree, yep thats my nickname 4 ya!),
    Have u cut the fingers off of that Hermes gloves yet? i think u should!
    Have A great 3rd world day!

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