TEAM Steph H!!!!!!!

Whores of the world, Australia’s Next Top Model is clearly my favourite show. Next week is the finale and I can’t wait to see who wins! I don’t know what planet you’re from but if you haven’t watched AusNTM, now is the time to catch up. I want Steph H to win!!!!! I originally wanted Alice to win (hello, she’s 6 foot 1 and what, 100 pounds… what more can you ask for) but she’s such a downer. She’s beautiful alright but she’s soo dull and shy and have no confidence whatsoever. I’m glad she bitched it out on the last episode but really, bitch should work on her personality more — I hate how Alice has the tendency to drag everyone’s mood to the ground. Ugh. Alice already has a potential career in her hands but really, she doesn’t deserve the AusNTM crown. So yeah, Team Steph H everybody! She may not be thinspiration material galore but ho-bag deserves it more than anyone else.

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PS. You know who reminds me of Alice? A taller, redhead version of Audrey Marnay.
PPSS. Calling the attention of my readers in OZ, press the green button, whatever the fuck that is, and vote for Steph H!!!!