Socialite Rank & Park Avenue Peerage Unmasked!

Written By bryanboy

Socialite Rank Unmasked!

This is the biggest social scandal of the new millenium! Dammit!!! There I was deluding myself that it was my fabulous homegirl Tinsley and her people behind my friends at Socialite Rank. I was wrong. Say hello to the powerful duo who sent Nueva York socialites running for kebabs, it’s no other than Valentine and Olga Rei! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

You *MUST* read the article on New York mag. Giselle Cordero (may god bless her soul wherever she is right now kiss kiss I love her!) got nothing on these two. I have no words. I love it. I fucking love it!

Bareback ganbangs with navy cadets in St. Petersburg and chinchilla fur in Moscow aside, now you’ll know why I’ve always loved Russians from the start.

PS. Wow. Loves it.

PPSS. Putang ina hindi ko to kinaya. Time to write my own personal tell-all book I guess haha! (Trans: I love this quote even more.)

“I live in Urbana, near a farm,” he whispers when I call. “Oh, my God! I’m not supposed to reveal anything. I’m like—I’m not even white! Do you know how fucking riotous this would be? I am not the poster child. You would not even believe what I look like.”


  1. unknown

    Bryan Boy,
    Hindi ka ba nahihiya sa sarili mo, siguro feeling mo ang galing galing mo, alam mo ba na hindi magmamana ng salvation ang mga bakla? 1 Corinthians 6:10
    Hindi ka nakuntento sa ibinigay ng Diyos sa iyo bilang isang lalaki…ang mga tao sa paligid mo believe most of them are blind.
    Mahiya ka naman

  2. Lorraine Cladde

    you are so overrated i hope you die for being so thin
    Filipinos are ugly!!

  3. Stephabulous

    Bryanboy, you may be my Personal Lord and Savior.
    Or you might just be my favorite gaysian.
    I haven’t decided yet.

  4. leslie

    I just read the article and I’m having a hard time believing it! I love the part about the Indian jailbait behind PAP! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. i love love love this friggin’ scandal,
    this woould make a really good book/ movie,
    can’t wait to see Hollywood scrambling on their feet going after this James kid for story rights, hahahahaha.

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