So what's inside your bag?

Written By bryanboy

So what’s inside your bag?

Oooo I smell another trend coming up! Lookie lookie at what I *randomly* found on MySpace — these boys just posted these pics on their profiles a few days ago. I guess I haven’t seen it all!

Is that a Goyard wallet? No. Is that a Dior compact? No. Is that a Chanel lip gloss? Hell to the naw! Is that a fag? ding ding ding! YESSSSSSSS!!!! It’s nice to know every Tom, Dick and Faggot Fanny from North America are sackriding my little carrier bag bandwagon. What are you waiting for? Hop on the train and join now! Y’all know where to send your photos. Email it to TODAY!

Remember: NOBODY DOES IT BETTER THAN ME. You already know that… that’s why I love you.

PS. Just a bit of advice to all fat fatties out there — y’all need to take up crystal meth and lose major weight because you need to be able to fit 80% of your bodies *INSIDE* the bag. I only have your best interests (and mine) in mind! You know I love your fat hairy arses so it’s the thought that counts. :)

PPSS. Will a major fashion house please do this ‘pose’ for me? I know you’re all busy shooting fall/winter 2007-08 campaigns…. and that… that would pretty much validate my sheer existence. SOMEONE PLEASE PUT SNEJANA INSIDE A BLOODY BAG!!!! OR HELL, FUCK SNEJANA. PLEASE PUT ***ME*** INSIDE A BAG INSTEAD. Fendi are you reading this? I look good in yellow. Chanel? I look nice in white. Rue Cambon baby!!! La Dee Dior? Well, it’s John Galliano. Anything he makes is bloody fucktastic… he can make a hammerhead fugly owl with an onion bulb nose like me PRETTY!!! As for Yves Saint Laurent well screw you for using Gisele. Just because I don’t have 40DDD tits it doesn’t mean you have to erase me from your mailing list. Just kidding.


  1. Hey Bryanboy…
    I love the Chanel Lambskin Bag but if I were to buy just ONE branded and expensive handbag in my whole lifetime, what handbag(s) would you recommend I get…??

  2. omgyouthinkeveryoneiscopyingyou

    so i actually know those two people you got those pictures from and don’t get me wrong, your blog entertains me but please don’t be pathetic and think that everyone is “copying” you…it’s just that it makes you look really sad.

  3. deeyou

    So those gayboys just thought of that pose all by themselves did they?

  4. deeyou

    Also, LOL at French Connection and Zara. If they were going for irony they’d be better off with a Wall-Mart bag, their ones just say… ‘we’re dirt poor and have no style to compensate’.

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