Signé Anna Wintour

Written By bryanboy

Signé Anna Wintour

I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what the commentator is saying for the most part but if you adore Anna oh dear Anna Wintour like I do then, no doubt, you’ll love this video of her.


  1. Mardi…Dimanche…MON DIEU! Meme robe, meme imprime, meme collier, meme gilet! God that was so funny! :D
    I can’t get over the sounds of panic in the background!

  2. MyStory

    lol Poor Anna Wintour for wearing the same stuff twice. Oh the scandal. XD

  3. Anna Wintour, the Devil wears not Prada, but the same dress twice in a week!

    Ouff, la reign du monde de la publication de la mode pense c’est acceptable de porter les même habits 2 fois par semaine. Mais, au dela deux fois, on attend toujours de savoir.

  4. Thitus

    Too bad you don’t understand french, it’s hilarious!!!!
    Loïc (the speaker) is brilliant.

  5. Shoochette

    It is very funny. Icy Anna caught in the same outfit on several occasions. The reason being is that she is filming a documentry and it has to look like it happened on the same day.

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