Pictionary + Product Review: Glytone

It’s raining mad in viva third world and I’m bored out of my skull. I’ve got nothing to do so why not finish my long overdue review on Glytone. The folks at my dermatologists gave me an entire set to try a few months ago — I’m (kinda sorta but not really) a product junkie so I thought I’d put my trusty old Obagi system on hold and give Glytone a shot for a few weeks.

Click click click!

[Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored/paid entry. I thought I'd say that.]


Everyone including my mother, my dog, our maid and your faggot neighbour knows that I’m *NOT* one of those people with 100% all-natural flawless skin. I’ll have a good face one day… and a nasty one a couple of weeks later. It’s one of the reasons why I’m vain and insecure. I mean, there’s a lot of bastards out there who have effortless good looks and there are some, like me, who would go through hell fire and back just to achieve something. God (heck, and my bank, too) knows what I’ve gone through over the years in order to be pretty… which, sadly, is something I’ll never achieve in this lifetime.

It doesn’t hurt to try though. ;)

Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. If you compare my photos from 2 years ago you’ll notice how different I looked…. and that was only 700+ days ago. God knows what I’ll be doing next, say, 3 years from now. Face lift? Botox? Whatevs.

052507_glytone A couple of months ago, the folks at my dermatologists, Belo Medical Group, gave me a 3-piece Glytone kit to try.

Glytone is a fantastic skincare system that targets different skin problems, from acne to aging, dry skin and keratosis pilaris, etc. I have normal to oily skin so they gave me the acne treatment kit.

I’m a big fan of glycolic peels/facials and some of glytone’s products have glycolic acid so I thought, why not give it a shot?


Step #1

Wash your face with water. Get that face only a mother can love all damp and wet.

Step #2

Put a couple of drops of Glytone Exfoliating Gel Wash for Oily Skin 6.7 fl oz. (US$22) on your palm. It’s not like my favourite Obagi Foaming Gel where all you need (literally) is 1 drop no wonder the entire bottle can last you 6 months. 

The main ingredient is glycolic acid — the same stuff they used on my glycolic peel facials!

Step #3

Rub it gently on your palm until you build up a lather. Work it on your face in a circular motion. Rinse and pat your face with a hand towel until you’re dry.

Step #4

Put a couple of drops of the Glytone Acne Cleansing Toner 8 fl oz. (US$14.00) on a cotton square then rub it on your face, again, in a circular motion. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PUT MORE THAN 3 or so drops. Just a little tiny bit is fine. This stuff is HARDCORE. HARDCORE, I’M TELLING YOU.

The Acne Cleansing Toner has 2% salicylic acid… and isopropyl alcohol, amongst other things.

When I first tried the toner I was all like "oh ok blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda nothing happens so why not use it twice a day in massive quanties".


I peeled like a mother fucker AFTER the first week and my face was red as a tomato. Not even make-up could save me. I think this was back in March or so.

The next time you go around bombarding my email account with god knows how many emails asking me for my next pictionary, do keep in mind that there’s a high chance my face is fucked (oh who are we kidding, my face is fucked all the time anyway), I’m fat or I’m undergoing severe treatments.

Going back to the toner.

Yes. This stuff is HARDCORE. Peeling is normal, of course, but I went overboard because I used a shitload of this stuff.

At least I learned my lesson. =)

Step #5

Wait a couple of minutes for your skin to dry. The toner usually dries fast. However, it does have a little tingly sensation — the longer you use it, the more painful it gets. It takes a few weeks to build tolerance.

The last step on the Glytone program is the Acne Treatment Gel (US$16.99). It contains 10% benzoyl peroxide — the same stuff they use at ProActiv.

Just put a teeny tiny drop on your problem areas — zits, pimples, whatever and it should dry it up in no time.


I learned it the hard way. Hahaha!

I have a teeny zit on my cheek so that’s where I put it. That’s quite a lot of cream to be honest — it’s for photography’s sake/illustration purposes only.

And voila!

Personally-speaking I’m not a big fan of benzoyl peroxide. I know it works for 99% of you but not in my case. I’m quite sensitive to benzoyl peroxide to be honest. That’s why I ditched ProActiv a few years ago and switched to Obagi.

Overall, Glytone is a GREAT system but it’s not for me. I still prefer (and will be using/have been using) Obagi. However, if you can’t afford Obagi, Glytone is a great alternative — not because it’s wayyy cheaper but the major elements of Glytone (benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid AND salicylic acid) is effective to give you the skin you’ve always wanted.

I don’t have pricing information but last time I checked, a Glytone starter would cost you less than $50 versus $350-$400 on Obagi.

In any case, I think you should give Glytone a shot. There’s nothing to lose, really.

Believe it or not, I actually ran out of Obagi Foaming Gel and I’ve been using the Glytone cleanser instead. So far so good.

You can save $$$ if you buy the entire Glytone Acne Treatment Kit 3 piece kit. You get all 3 products for US$47!


Click here!

In the Philippines, Glytone is available at your nearest Belo Medical Center.

Be sure to mention my name whenever you call/visit one of their clinics. Tell them you heard about Glytone from me!

Alabang: +632 7712356
Makati (Medical Plaza): +632 8177178
Makati (Rustan’s): +632 8158970
Greenhills: +632 7247443
Ortigas: +632 6373676
Quezon City: +632 3733355

Questions? Let me know. I’d be more than happy to share my experiences.

Email me and tell me you love me! My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

PS. Dang! I just went to my Obagi page and it’s a coincidence I made that post approximately a year ago.

God damn I looked soo different! HAHAHA!