Penelope Cruz is too self-obsessed

Written By bryanboy

Penelope Cruz is too self-obsessed

I bet you a million dollars she won’t even bat an eyelash if ever you’re getting murdered in her presence. I’m sure you’ve seen the latest from John Galliano and the House of Dior so I won’t elaborate any further. I’ll save my review for a later time.

By the meantime, does anyone have videos of the latest cruise/resort collection? I know Dior edits (duh) before they put em up on the site. I wanna see the models fall! It’s always fun to see damn ho-bags trip down the runway. I mean, it really hurts to watch all these damn gorgeous and good-looking expensive bitches in damn gorgeous and expensive-looking good clothes… the only way to commensurate my misery is to see them fall. Like Jessica Stam for Chloe. Just kidding.

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