Paris Hilton: 45 days in jail!!!!!

Written By bryanboy

Paris Hilton: 45 days in jail!!!!!

This is too good to be true! Oh my god!! Oh my fucking god!! I honestly can’t believe it! Poor Paris. I love her to death but man this is harsh. Maybe she should move to the third world instead? We’re the most corrupt country in Asia — everyone from cops to the city prosecutors to judges to politicians can be bribed!

Source: Reuters

I hope Paris learns her lesson. I mean really, when you think about it, she’s got all the mucho manola $$$ in the world… hollywood celebs should have their own drivers etc.


  1. celebrity jail? they never go to a REAL jail, look at martha.. what did she go to? a 5 star room with a few security guards like a betty ford rehab?

  2. hahaha. i also posted this sad sad sad news on my blog and about bribing authorities. hehehe. poor paris!

  3. michel

    she’s was excluded from paying to serve time in a jail of her choice!

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