OMG Sonny Vandevelde!!!

Written By bryanboy

OMG Sonny!!!

Sonny Sunster VVVVVVVVVV omg. I literally shat my pants just now. You see, it’s 4:40AM, I’m currently surfing the net and I have 3 browser windows open (a grand total of 29 tabs on all 3 windows…. I have ADD lol).

So… I went to the Life/Style Television website to watch a few vids and when the audio came up (while browsing another page) I flicked to that particular tab and saw this…

Click click click!

Photo credit: Life/Style Television

I swear to my grandfather’s grave I thought that was you because I still haven’t purged this photo out of my memory:

Photo credit: Sonny Vandevelde

It was one of those "spur-of-the-moment" things whenever you see someone you "know" (or at least kinda "know" hahaha) on TV… you know what I mean… kind of like in a "OMG I KNOW THAT PERSON" way.

blah blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda

So I watched the vid further and then saw this…

Photo credit: Life/Style Television

Before making the conclusion that it wasn’t you… which took quite some time to process…. in spite of the loud audio and the guy’s name right in front of me.

I think it was the shirt.

And the surfboard.

Enough babble. I’ve gone mad! LOL

Over and out.


  1. bading

    bb, just in case u didn’t know (but i m sure u do), the evolutionsurf olo board retails for $ 50k!!! 1st time i saw one was at the banzai pipeline in the northshore of oahu & was completely enthralled. that’s like the mclaren f1 of boards!!! duuuuuude, i was soooo amped i fell flat on my face & got a sand facial!!! totally mondo!!! gnarlatious!!!

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