Obsession du jour: Irina Lazareanu

It’s 11AM, I’m trying to get some sleep and I’ve got FTV on… then this video comes up. I JUST HAD TO GO ONLINE TO BLOG ABOUT IT!!

Freja’s a fucking bitch I wanna spit at her face! Just kidding. I love Freja but I bet you my fat arse she eats little children like me for lunch.

I LOOOOOVE IRINA!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I’VE ALWAYS SHRUGGED HER OUT OF MY MODELISING SYSTEM AS THE HARDCORE EDGY NON-TRADITIONAL BEAUTY WEIRDO BUT GOD DAMMIT SHE’S *IT*!! She’s got personality. She’s funny. She’s quirky. She’s got a wicked sense of humor. She’s crazy. She’s amazing and yes, she’s god damn beautiful.

"These are people freaking out because the socks are gray not khaki. So. The world will stop turning and the ground will collapse."

Classic. Consider me a big Irina fan now.

Irina Lazareanu I fucking love you. kthxbye. I need to sleep!! I’ve been up since 2PM YESTERDAY!!!!!

PS. Irina on Galliano: "It’s really great. It’s really natural. You know, it’s like fresh like you get up in the morning kind of glow. It’s really natural. The whole concept is very very close to reality." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! CHAMPION!!!!!