Obsession du Jour: Planet Unicorn… Hayyy!

Written By bryanboy

Obsession du Jour: Planet Unicorn… Hayyy!

A gay boy wished for a planet-full of unicorns. Planet Unicorn. Unicorn Planet! Give it up for Feathers Ooo ooo Cadillac, and Tom Cruise Oh ohhohoho Planet Unicorn hayyyy.

I love this I really do! YOU **MUST** WATCH PLANET UNICORN.

Or else I’ll kill you.

Episode 2

Episode 3



  1. so funny
    but i wish their necks were longer. they look weird!

  2. bading

    omg bb, this is sooooooo kewl!!! and omg!!! i can’t believe i m saying KEWL!!!

  3. twiggiboi

    dearest ms. bryan boy, mr. br-aye anne gurl, her majesty, mrs. cruise, etc., etc., etc.:
    how do i love thee? let me count the ways… your arms and legs are flatulent and flabby. your sextuple chin and six rolls of belly fat are reminiscent of an aged madonna reciting the kaballa, paris hilton flashing her *$%^&, and britney spears on a bald, tone-deaf, tragically futile come-back tour… there is no doubt about it. you are a GODESS!!! an enormous Budda of a godess. With beautifully applied makeup…
    that is all.
    your fan,

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