NYC's Obsession du jour: Olga & Valentine Rei

Written By bryanboy

NYC’s Obsession du jour: Olga & Valentine Rei

Lookie lookie at what I got via email!!! I love it. I fucking love it! I love power duo Olga & Valentine Rei! Russians for the mother fucking win sweetie.

Hang in there Olga and Valentine. Enjoy the ride! You guys are destined to be superstars!!

PS. Oh and don’t worry Tins, how can I forget you? I love you too darls. Get your bloody Samantha Thavasa people to work on your handbag website!

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  1. crackwhore deluxe

    tinsley looks atrocious on that photo!!
    tongues are definitely wagging all over the place thanks to the REIs though the biggest newsmaker though is that indian kid from IL!!!!!

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