Miss Universe/Miss USA Rachel Smith

Written By bryanboy

Miss Universe/Miss USA Rachel Smith

So Miss Japan won. Big deal. NOT! It was sorta kinda bound to happen anyway. If you look at the history of Miss Universe, it’s usually South American bitches who bag the crown. Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia… you name it. Fucking hell, they might as well change the name of the pageant to "Miss Latin America". They really make beautiful girls over there. All the other contestants are mascots compared to the "Gisele" brigade. Oh dear. Oh well. At least an Asian got the crown. I bet you next year the winner’s gonna be African or Black — you know, diversity and all.

I’m sure y’all have seen Miss USA.

There’s something about Miss USA that reminds me of my favourite editor in the flips… actually, she’s the ONLY editor I like in the land of the brown, Mega Magazine Editor-in-Chief Carla Sibal. I think it’s the hair. And the tan. And thinspo thinspo galore. I loooove her. She’s really NICE and super chic in real life. The rest are just far too… oh I don’t know. It’s best to keep my mouth shut. Hah!

Photo credit: Chuvaness

Carla is WAYYY prettier. Hahah!


  1. Diyosa

    Miss Japan’s win this year (eventhough she is not-so well-deserving) is a retribution to the injustice done to last year’s 1st runner-up, Miss Japan 2006 Kurara Chibana, who should have won the crown hands-down instead of the eventual winner, Miss Universe 2006 from Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera. It is Mr. Trump’s way of saying, “Yeah, we screwed up last year…”
    I think Miss Brazil should be it if only for that single flash of brilliance during the final question phase of the competition. I was rooting for two contestants, Miss India and Miss Korea, after the announcement of the top 15. Miss India is a classic beauty. At certain angles, she resembled Catherine Deneuve. And Miss Korea has the most charming and very natural beauty of all. Only she blew the final question!
    Did you notice how Miss Japan strut in her swimsuit? That’s not really how it is done. Show them, BB!

  2. yanee`fashionee

    OMG! How come I didn’t saw that part on tv?! she’s cute & smart but her beauty isn’t really that ‘Miss Universe’. hehe but dude! she’s waaaayy better than Japan!
    For me, It should’ve been BRAZIL or of course, none other than the Philippines!–coz she’s pretty & intelligent. tsk3.

  3. ishnar

    hi mr. bryan, watch it mister i’m form Puerto Rico and we do have beautiful women here, i mean i’m one of them hahaha, but i do agree with you on one thing there were beautiful women last night, and our Miss PR was fuglyyyyy…

  4. Japan’s clothes throughout the entire competition was from Gucci! For the preliminary round, she wore FW 2006 and for the main event she wore that $11,000 gown from the SS 2007 collection! She looked good in it!

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