Miss Universe 2007/Miss Philippines Anna Theresa Licaros

Written By bryanboy

Miss Universe 2007/Miss Philippines

THIRD WORLD REPRESENT! Homegirl better come home tonight with some sort of an award. Brown ricers for the mother fucking win!

She wanted to be a nun.
She wanted to be a doctor.
She wanted to be a bus conductor.
She wanted to try being bald/pull a Britney.

Click click click!


  1. mango

    OMG, Bryan I’m desperate! Do you know where I can watch Miss Universe online? German TV’s not showing it. HELP!

  2. haha chyeaa. Turns out Norway’s entry is flip too :p.
    Anyways, I hope at least she gets in the top 20.

  3. theressa + pulling a britney = BRYANBOY! omg, she really does look like you [specially the third pic], it’s not even funny.

  4. BB! did you get to watch the pageant? i’m sure you’ll notice the winning evening gown! i wonder what frida gianini is saying…if you ask me lily donaldson still did a better job sashaying in that gucci gown!

  5. Did anyone see that?! Omygawd.
    “Who’s diary…”
    Eww for wrong grammar. For crying out loud — it’s an official site.

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