Meet Deputy Kevin Stabins.

Written By bryanboy

Meet Deputy Kevin Stabins

Deputy Kevin Stabins is a cold, heartless, animal. This video (and the story behind it) sent chills running down my spine… I cannot stop myself from sharing it to you. I’m glad he got suspended for five days though I have to admit, he deserves more. Put yourself into the woman’s shoes – your dad had a heart attack and drove himself, alone, in his car, to the hospital. You heard the news and what would you do?

Stabins first stopped Melissa Langston after clocking her driving 63 mph in a 35-mph zone near the hospital. The video shows her telling the deputy that her father had suffered a heart attack and had driven himself to the emergency room. Stabins returned to his car to write a ticket, but after several minutes, she drove into the hospital parking lot. After a short pursuit, she brakes, and he strides up to her, saying, "That was not smart."


  1. The ex-wife

    Try being married to him for 7 years and see what he is really like. From his ex-wife. Ya all know the justice system is not the true justice system what they say they will do is not what they have done.

  2. The deputy had many other options. He could have ~
    • Investigated her claim, by making one inquiry with the hospital thru his dispatch.
    • Shed some grace.
    • Used common sense.
    • Used spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law.

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