Laundry List Thursday: Shopbop

Written By bryanboy

Laundry List Thursday: Shopbop

WHY IS SHOPPING FOR GIRLS A HECK OF A LOT EASIER THAN SHOPPING FOR FAGS? OK. Ok. Now this… is easier. In fact, I did my "shopping" in less than 40 minutes. I’m not kidding!

Let’s say you are hot sexy cunt like me, 5’9 and 115 pounds (ok, I lied… 118) except you havesize 32A tits and a bald pussy. You have $6,500* to spend at Shopbop . Six thousand five hundred smackeroos because god dammit, five grand is nothing! What would you get?

Click click click!

*Taxes not included. Are you fucking kidding me?

Do keep in mind that I gave myself a 1-hour limit… from the moment I went to Shopbop down to the the point where I clicked the "publish" blog entry button.

Why don’t y’all analyze my selections and pick the outfit you liked best. I thought it would be easy but god damn it’s hard, especially when you can’t see the pieces in real life. I’m concerned about the textures, the shapes and colors. In any case, I had fun doing this. LOL.




  • Alice + Olivia Elizabeth skirt – $198
  • Alisha Levine electric blue backless top – $168 (top underneath sold separately)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs round-toe patent leather pump – $227.50 (sale)
  • Felix Rey "Lola" patent leather foldover clutch – $230

Total: $823.50


  • Theory "Cazzi" Dress – $265
  • Malini Murjani "Daniella" patent leather tote – $523.60 (sale)
  • Kenneth Jay lane wide pearl enamel cuff bracelet – $213
  • KORS "Spice" leather platform pump – $97.50 (sale)

Total: $1099.10


  • Alice & Olivia puff sleeve tee – $88
  • Vita "Milano" bracelet – $176
  • Catherine Malandrino navy mini skirt – $245
  • Lauren Merkin diamante embossed leather "Charlotte" clutch – $220
  • Paul & Joe "Novices" ankle boot – $366.80 (sale)

Total: $1095.80


  • James Perse long-sleeve jewel neck tee – $50
  • Ya-Ya "La Sepette" Tux Mini skirt – $215
  • Tashkent by Cheyenne "The Chopper" wedge – $249.90 (sale)
  • Rachel Pally super long black leggings – $94

Total: $608.90


  • Paul & Joe ruffle-front polka dot blouse – $214.50 (sale)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs lightweight stretch twill shorts – $148
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather pumps – $325
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Might Weekender bag – $458

Total: $1145.50


  • LOVE from Ya-Ya black "Macho" cardigan – $187
  • Ella Moss Black Label "Margot" Dress – $297
  • Lauren Merkin "Charlotte" sequin silk clutch – $285
  • Loeffler Randall "Camille" pump – $346.50 (sale)

Total: $1115.50


  • Foley for Foley + Corinna Victorian C-Girl Dress – $302

Total: $302

Grand Total: $6190.30!

Not bad at all for a 7-day wardrobe eh?

All of the above-mentioned items are available on sale at Shopbop !

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. def. wednesday… yellow + gray = nice!. Maybe sunday. 1 Hour? Damn your good, it’s all shop shop shop, click click click.

  2. You can’t break my record, 4 pieces of clothing snapped up within 10 minutes. Can’t remember how much I spent. But I definitely shop faster than the time you take to pee.

  3. Favourite pieces:
    Alice + Olivia Elizabeth skirt
    Marc by Marc Jacobs round-toe patent leather pump
    Catherine Malandrino navy mini skirt
    Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather pumps
    Ella Moss Black Label “Margot” Dress
    Foley for Foley + Corinna Victorian C-Girl Dress
    Favourite outfit:
    Good job!

  4. LuvsUrBlog

    I almost was sold on the Friday outfit cuz everything is so androgynous but I hate those mediocre kinda-so-over Red pointy-toed pumps…don’t get those pumps if anything!
    All those outfits are kinda iffy…
    So I’ll just list what i do like(I hope you agree):
    -Love the Kenneth Jay lane wide pearl enamel cuff bracelet!!!!
    – The Tashkent by Cheyenne “The Chopper” wedge – $249.90 (sale) is Perfect for those days you wanna be a sexy bitch.
    – The Vita “Milano” bracelet is so trendy but great with a Chopard watch and bangles.
    – LOVE from Ya-Ya black “Macho” cardigan will probably be the most femme Macho thing in your wardrobe but I loves it!!!
    – And the Sunday ensemble is just the epitome of the most fabuleux good-girl outfit evarrrrrr…Get all the things in that combo!
    Everything else I didn’t mention is overpriced and/or can be bought somewhere cheaper and made with better quality.
    Hope that helps!
    Hate that you have more money than I but J’adore you anyway!

  5. come to Signapore brianboy!!!!! we have a GREAT SINGAPORE SALES on the 25 May 2007 till Mid of JULY… Discount on grandhouse brand of fashion like DOLCE & GABBANA.. not sure about CHANEL though… Woohoo

  6. anita

    Jesus Christ.. Please do not tell me you are serious about Mondays outfit?? A loose top is to be only paired with something tight underneath.. not that boofy skirt. Cmon BB, you can do SO much better than that! Everyone knows the rule of, loose up top – tight downbelow or loose below – tight top. OR tight – tight (if we must), not fucking loose – loose. That Sunday dress looks like the love child of Paris Hilton and Kiki Dunst waldrobe.

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