Laundry List Thursday: Bluefly

Written By bryanboy

Laundry List Thursday: Bluefly

You’re 5’9 and 115 pounds (ok I lied, 118) and you live in the third world. Let’s say you only have a $5,000* budget to create a 7-day daytime wardrobe from scratch and you can only go to one shop, in this case, Bluefly . What would you get?

Click click click!

* Taxes not included. Are you fucking kidding me?

Right. Who knew my little laundry list ended up being a ‘shopping analysis’ experiment? I’m actually writing this bit AFTER I picked my selections on Bluefly .

My goal was to create a little 7-day daytime look based on my favourite things, the things I find nice… pieces that I can actually wear myself (me silly not Granny Bee!) blah blah blah.

Obviously I rediscovered/reinforced a lot of things I already know about my habits. HELLO FASHION VICTIM! No doubt about that.

Here’s some of my observations:

1) I’m an impulse shopper. I buy everything I like in a snap WITHOUT thinking about it. I know a lot of people shop for things TO INCORPORATE what they already have in their closet.
2) I spent half of my budget on the "first" day. Look at Monday for instance. Eeek!
3) Scarves are fantastic — you can use them as a necktie, a belt, something on the head, yaddi yaddi yadda.
4) I still love my skinny jeans. Even before EVERYONE started wearing em. Always have, always will.
5) There’s lots of black, black, black in my laundry list.
6) The logo a gogo in me is gone.
7) Is it just me or is there a severe lack of color?
8) I totally forgot socks. and underwear.
9) Boots? in third world heat? Who cares. . I love me boots. Always have, always will.
10) Take note of the sleeves. Back in my day, the only thing I wore are tank tops and tees. I’m too fat now and self-conscious of my morbidly obese arms.
11) Most of the clothes are women’s. I may be fat but I still couldn’t fit into men’s sizes.
12) The Hermes handbag really took a huge part of my budget. Well… one good bag is better than 7 mediocre bags. Yes?

Last but not the least…

God damn $5,000 is NOT enough!! Hahaha!

Tops – 8
Shorts – 2
Jeans – 2
Bag – 3
Necklace – 3
Footwear – 3
Scarf – 2
Sunglasses – 2



  • Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent dark purple metallic threaded cardigan – $120
  • Hudson brown stretch twill skinny leg jeans – $112
  • Hermes yellow geometric chiffon scarf – $292
  • Hermes chocolate calfskin horizontal "Caravane" bag – $1,485
  • Ralph Lauren Polo dark brown leather "Gilbert" sandals – $54.99
  • Kenneth Jay Lane wood multi-strand beaded necklace – $71.99
  • Ralph Lauren Collection black plastic aviator wrap sunglasses – $126

Total: $2,261.98


  • Petit Bateau black long-sleeve crewneck t-shirt – $24
  • Joe’s Jeans black stretch cotton bermuda shorts – $76
  • Tocca navy and oatmeal stripe linen yellow leather shoulder strap "Wanda" bag – $267

Total: $367


  • Lilla P black cotton scoop neck tank – $33
  • Taverniti So Jeans black stitched pocket ‘shirly’ skinny jeans – $141
  • Gucci black linear square silk scarf – $236
  • Hype black perforated leather "Bahia" convertible clutch – $78
  • Yves Saint Laurent black leather "Nomade" high top sneakers – $312
  • Marc Jacobs red plastic oversized shields – $144
  • Viktoria Hayman black beaded horn necklace – $130.99

Total: $1074.99


  • Alice & Olivia white stretch cotton pintucked blouse – $126
  • Hudson blue denim overall straps cuffed shorts – $99
  • Chanel black leather stitched riding boots – $749.99
  • Kenneth Jay Lane long crystal drop pendant necklace – $30

Total: $1004.99

Bryanboy’s note: GOD DAMMIT, I have 3 more days and I’m already up to $4,708.96!!!!!!!!! Time to mix, match and repeat I guess. Hahaha!


  • Design History gray ruched elbow sleeve top – $33

Total: $33


  • Cousin Johnny black short-sleeve pointelle cardigan – $49.99
  • Petit Bateau white tank top – $18

Total: $67.99


  • Dolce & Gabbana white eyelet tie-neck blouse – 164.99

Total: $164.99

Grand Total: US$4974.94

All of these items are available at Bluefly . Go go go! Buy buy buy!

And there you have it. Ya still have a couple of dollars left to get your own personal sucky sucky five dolla ho!

Email me and tell me you love me! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492

I love you all!


  1. anika

    earth tones :D orgasmic =) i wanna live in your closet or enlist in the norwegian military.tough choice bout whata hallucinate about

  2. I really like the looks from Thursday to Sunday. Some of them really are like the Dolly Parton quote (I think you’ve used before) “It takes a lot of money to look that cheap”. No hatin’ though.

  3. LuvsUrBlog

    WOW! You did abfab this time ’round!!!
    Totally agree logos are so over but I love the new LV Damier azur line tho…
    Anyway, Love Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday combos…no iffyness about them at all! The proportions are rite for only those outfits. I thought of the others and they don’t go as well together as those said ensembles.
    J’adore the:
    -Alice & Olivia white stretch cotton pintucked blouse in Thursday.
    -Dolce & Gabbana white eyelet tie-neck blouse(so demure for D&G, I’m shocked!)
    -YSL high-tops (I might get’em myself!)
    -Polo sandals (so sophi for slippers!)
    Good work maestro.

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