Laundry List Thursday: Fendi White Shirt

Written By bryanboy

Laundry List Thursday: Fendi White Shirt

This white shirt, size 40 (for perfect fit or 42 with ‘allowance’), from Fendi is giving me nightmares. I can’t take my mind off it. It’s sooo gorgeous and it’s soo me! You know, I have it on my shopping cart and the only thing that’s stopping me from pressing the check-out button is the price tag! I don’t usually wear shirts… let alone white shirts… so I don’t think I’m gonna get mileage out of it. Ugh!

Fendi  white puffy long-sleeve shirt, US$1040 from eLuxury.

Repeat after me: must. not. buy. super expensivo $1040+tax. white. shirt. that. i. will. probably. use. just. once.


  1. I like Bouddica’s shirt more. The Fendi shirt looks sloppy. It screams ‘hanging gardens of babylon’!!!!

  2. Joanna Marinova

    Bryan Boy i think its time for Bryan Boy Designs no? If its too expensive and you KNOW you can make it better ANYWAYS do it baby! work it like you own it!

  3. bading

    here’s that fendi white puffy shirt calling out to bb, “ohhhhhh bryaaaaaaaaaan, here i am-mmmmmmm!!! buy me!!! come on sweetie, bbbbbbbuuuuuuuyyyyyyy mmmmmmmeeeeeeee!!!”

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