Kate Moss for Topshop

I haven’t really paid any attention to KM for Topshop recently, I mean, she’s EVERYWHERE! I’ll keep this entry short and sweet — did *YOU* get anything? And for the Topshop people in viva third world, are we getting Kate’s line locally?

Click click click for Topshop pandemonium!

I love the Beeb’s story on the launch…

‘For girlfriend’

The signature look was outsized dark glasses, skinny jeans and a slightly surly appearance. They had all learned well from their style mentor. There was none of the pushing and shoving of the recent Primark launch on Oxford Street – they were too cool for all that.

One chap, who was perhaps not a size eight, assured me he was buying clothes for his girlfriend. He had orders for 17 items. "I’ll have to go through a few times as you are limited to five items for each visit," he said.

Another young man emerged later with a T-shirt which had not been designed for a bloke, but he needed at least a memento of his evening.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Even faggots are buying it. Amazing, the excuses they give journalists. LOL.

Photo credit: Daily Mail