Kate Moss for Topshop (Pandemonium in London Galore)

Written By bryanboy

Kate Moss for Topshop

I haven’t really paid any attention to KM for Topshop recently, I mean, she’s EVERYWHERE! I’ll keep this entry short and sweet — did *YOU* get anything? And for the Topshop people in viva third world, are we getting Kate’s line locally?

Click click click for Topshop pandemonium!

I love the Beeb’s story on the launch…

‘For girlfriend’

The signature look was outsized dark glasses, skinny jeans and a slightly surly appearance. They had all learned well from their style mentor. There was none of the pushing and shoving of the recent Primark launch on Oxford Street – they were too cool for all that.

One chap, who was perhaps not a size eight, assured me he was buying clothes for his girlfriend. He had orders for 17 items. "I’ll have to go through a few times as you are limited to five items for each visit," he said.

Another young man emerged later with a T-shirt which had not been designed for a bloke, but he needed at least a memento of his evening.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Even faggots are buying it. Amazing, the excuses they give journalists. LOL.

Photo credit: Daily Mail


  1. shit! she really looks high like a butterfly flying from tree to tree

  2. I dont think kate moss is pretty at all she looks so used up and she does look HIGH AS A KITE damn petey!

  3. johnny

    Imo and Liza: You’re just jealous because YOU can never be Kate Moss.

  4. she looks very pretty in all of the pictures except the last one. she does look high there. i still love her, though.

  5. LA F O U L E devant Topshop pour l’inaugration de la ligne Kate Moss

    Pandemonium breaks out on the first day of the launch of Kate Moss for Topshop in London. As pictures speaks a thousand words, I don’t need to reiterate how spanking hot the entire hulabaloo is getting on. And as Bryanboy put it nicely, even fags are g…

  6. deeyou

    God you wouldn’t believe how terrible the clothes on this line are! In photos they look OK but the actual garments are soooo poorly made and generic! You’d be better off going to a boutique to buy some unique and tasteful clothes rather than the crap Ms.Moss is peddling.

  7. i love kate moss i love kate moss i love i love i love kate moss. ya cant judge a lady by a photo, ya know. i love kate moss i love kate moss i love i love i love kate moss i love you brian boy. ;-D

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