It's Jacquetta Wheeler season once again

Written By bryanboy

It’s Jacquetta Wheeler season once again

Don’t you just LOVE the weather? It’s been cloudy and gray the past few days — I hope it lasts long. I’m really sick and tired of the heat. One of the reasons why I almost never go out during the day is because of the fact that I sweat like a whore in church as soon as you put me under the sun. I took this photo just now. Isn’t the sky oh so beautiful? I love it!

I just can’t wait for "summer" to be over. Time to get new jackets, I guess. Afterall, Jacquetta Wheeler made a cameo on the recent Dior Cruise show. It’s a sign of things to come.

PS. My hair is SOO long it’s not even funny anymore.

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  1. I love rain also the coldness of it! and I want to sleep all day when it’s rainning outside lol

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