Is this true?

Written By bryanboy

Is this true?

Is it true that tobacco use can make male species of the human kind impotent? What is this bollocking buggery they put on cigarette packs in Canada?

Allelujah praise the lord, thank god I’m a bottom boy. There is a god afterall.


  1. ya no shit, you should see some of the other crap they put on these ciggarete boxes. its nasty, too bad it hasnt made anybody quit.

  2. deeyou

    yeah it’s true BB, i have to read it on every other pack of marlboro lights i buy in london. smoking stops the oxygen and blood in your system from circulating properly which means you can’t pump your dick to attention. what they fail to mention is that stuff like this happens to old, CHRONIC smokers who have been smoking fuck knows how many a day for the majority of their lives.

  3. you also totally need to make the announcement that they have FINALLY, and i really mean FINALLY started selling (legally) Davidoff ciggarettes in canada.
    oh germany’s my lungs <3

  4. panda_eats_shoots_leaves

    if you smoke dont forget to masturebate

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