From my newfound blog obsession du jour, Rachel (link removed), who recently walked the runway at Dior. LOVES IT!!!!! LOVES HER!!!!!!!

"The runway was awkward. People could barely walk in the heels and we had 5 stops to make. I’m not used to stopping in the middle of the runway 3 times to pose for each side for a grand total of 2 seconds each. Apparently neither was anyone else..

Photo credit: Getty Images

One girl (May Anderson) drank a wee bit too much before hand and ended up doing some terrfying stumble into the girls walking past her during the finale. She regained herself but left a huge gap between her and the person she was follow. Every step she took was agonizing to watch.. her foot would go sideway sand she’d stumble again, people in the audience kept jumping like they needed to catch her along the way.

I didn’t know if she’d twisted her ankle or if she was just stunned from it happening and couldn’t regain her composure. After every couple of steps, she’d look like she was giving up, like she’d just stop walking, collapse and cry. The 2 girls behind her/in front of me each took one of her arms and helped her parade backstage. It was quite a scene."

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God damn I need to see a video!!! Someone pleaaaasseeeee turn this "negative" into a positive!!!! Don’t censor it!!!!