Hermès Gloves

This is driving me insane for hours now. I spent the ENTIRE day looking around online for gorgeous, **white** (I don’t want black, I want white… or something super light colored) leather fingerless gloves. It has to be made out of leather (I don’t want lace and I definitely don’t want fishnet) and it has to be super lightweight/thin leather. I can’t believe I spent like 6 hours obsessing about it. I tried the usual suspects online — google, eBay , etc. I even called 5 Chanel boutiques already to see if there’s old stock or something similar but nope, nothing.

Is it criminal offence (or punishable by law) if I go to a local tailor and have them mutilate those Hermès gloves that I pretty much have no use for? The size is just right, the fit is perfect, the leather is soo thin, lightweight and soft, the design is cute… overall it’s gonna be fabulous. However, I don’t want to regret it in the end. The thought of vandalising such beautiful peace is somewhat disheartening.

What do you think?