Hermes Gloves + Obsession du Jour/Fingerless Gloves

Written By bryanboy

Hermès Gloves

This is driving me insane for hours now. I spent the ENTIRE day looking around online for gorgeous, **white** (I don’t want black, I want white… or something super light colored) leather fingerless gloves. It has to be made out of leather (I don’t want lace and I definitely don’t want fishnet) and it has to be super lightweight/thin leather. I can’t believe I spent like 6 hours obsessing about it. I tried the usual suspects online — google, eBay , etc. I even called 5 Chanel boutiques already to see if there’s old stock or something similar but nope, nothing.

Is it criminal offence (or punishable by law) if I go to a local tailor and have them mutilate those Hermès gloves that I pretty much have no use for? The size is just right, the fit is perfect, the leather is soo thin, lightweight and soft, the design is cute… overall it’s gonna be fabulous. However, I don’t want to regret it in the end. The thought of vandalising such beautiful peace is somewhat disheartening.

What do you think?


  1. i don’t only think its brilliant but its gorgeous!
    you’ve got to love it. you’ve played god and breathed life into that bastard. Great! p.s. so long as you feel comfortable,else you might as well be throwing it away.

  2. Darling, you cannot attack those GORGEOUS gloves!!! They are a classic and even if you don’t have much use for them now, you WILL want them again. Remeber the old adage, you don’t know what you have till it’s gone – goes for clothes and accessories as much as men. Sadly.
    Go browsing, don’t look for the gloves and suddenly they’ll just appear when you least expect it. I wish you luck cos I think your blog is FABULOUS and your pictures just toooo cute.

  3. Darling, DON’T DO IT!!! Once you’ve got out those scissors, there’s no going back. Although you don’t have any use for them now, they’re a gorgeous, classic piece and you WILL regret it.
    Go brosing casually in between coffee/lunches with friends and suddenly, the perfect gloves will just appear when you least expect them. Works for clothes accessories as well as that elusive rich, fit, single man (of either persuausion – let me assure you). Alternatively, blow an absolute fortune on something totally unnecessary so that Sod’s Law will provide something else for which you HAVE to scrape together cash.
    I wish you luck for Operation Fingerless Gloves and EVERYTHING – I think your blog is FABULOUS and entertaining in the extreme.

  4. sorry i am so stupid that i think i posted twice.
    can you tell i am built for style rather than technological genius?????????

  5. Santosuke

    It’ll only look good if it fits tight your fingers, and it doesn’t look like they do, so it won’t look as you would like it to. So keep looking!

  6. Andrew

    Hi Bryan.. you could look for Mihara Yasuhiro and Julius ( both Japanese ) for gloves that are just fingers.. which is the reverse of what you wanted.. but especially Julius would be very fitted and super fine leather. You would have to look for an auction though.. as this was at least one or two seasons ago.. sigh.. not sure if you do anything from 05?

  7. Peace out!

    The thought of vandalising such beautiful PEACE is somewhat disheartening. Peace? Maybe you meant piece. LOL

  8. Jonathan

    DO NOT TOUCH THOSE. They are perfect the way they are. You might as well shop at The Salvation Army if you want to commit such an offense.

  9. Rageanna Mortimer

    Is it just the lighting in the photograph or are the fingers of the right hand glove dirty or worn out <> Bryanboy… have you been eating bbq wings with your white leather Hermes gloves again???? Ugh!!!
    ;-) smile

  10. Karl wears gloves by Causse Gantier.
    Call them up, maybe they can do one for you too.
    26, rue de la Paulèle
    12104 Millau
    Midi-Pyrénées / Aveyron

  11. BB,
    I implore you…STOP! THAT IS SACRILEGE! If you have it altered, it’s not going to be Made in France anymore (which is one of the reasons why people buy Hermes). It violates the sanctity of the ateliers of Hermes. Just keep your fingers crossed Chanel would have stock of those fabulous fingerless gloves. Or go to Paris and have those wonderful fingerless gloves from the SS 2007 CHANEL Haute Couture collection. Just tell them to not use the feathers.

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