Here comes yet another clown…

Written By bryanboy

Here comes yet another clown…

I love Richard Gomez and his wife Lucy. They’re the Brangelina of third world showbiz… high-profile, powerful people in the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives. Like a lot of senior citizen showbiz characters in the flips, it’s inevitable that they enter the dirty world of politics. Richard Gomez is running for a senatorial seat this month. Lookie lookie at what I found on another blog.

Question: what do you think is the difference between annulment and divorce?

Photo credit: GMA-7

Priceless. Will **YOU** vote that guy as a senator? Awa ng diyos Goma, magshowbiz ka na lang!

Buy me lunch…. and expensive presents. Maybe I’ll change my mind.

PS. This is the last time I’ll write about third world politics. When you think about it, these politicians rely on the dumb and dumber masa anyway so in essence, my opinion doesn’t count. I don’t wanna get murdered!!!! I wanna live till I’m 75 years old and wear Oscar de la Renta. Lucy, I still love you. Over and out. Peace!


  1. Becky Föhlstrom

    Will you please stop posting about philippine people? nobody cares who they are. we don’t know them and we don’t care!
    he looks ugly & gross

  2. I doubt Richard would get in the Senate. Not because he is running as an independent, but because people are beginning to know better.

  3. OMFG!!! I respect Goma as a showbiz personality but what he just said about the difference of annulment and divorce makes me wanna puke. I mean he has a brain the size of a pea because any educated person knows the F**king diff. bet. the 2. I don’t know what the international community will say to us Filipinos! Can I just put a gun in my head and pull the trigger? haha! ;-) anyway, I loved your articles about politics. How about your views about Pichay? I’m sure they’ll be hot stuff once you write about him. keep it up BB! You deserve way more bodyguards than our president! ;-)

  4. bading

    hey u, becky w an neo-nazi-esque umlaut, u r a real idiot!!! and why wouldn’t bryan blog about what affects him? go stomp on some gypsy babies or something, u nincompoop!!!

  5. funny thing is, what Goma said was right. Our annulment law was crafted in a way to allow people to get “divorced” although they chose to stick another name on it. What is “psychological incapacity” anyway? People get away with a lot, and we use it like “irreconcilable differences”. If I remember correctly, my professor who was part of the code commission on the family code said that Art. 36 really is a divorce law wrapped up as an annulment provision. Goma might not be the sharpest tack there is, but in this case he was actually making sense.

  6. Jesus effin Christ! why is he wearing a North face jacket do we get -12F in the Philippines?

  7. He should just sell underwears because that’s what he’s good at!

  8. you should check out then.. its not updated but its helluvah funny. Heard from the blogger they’ll be updating soon. Hehehe.

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