Guyliner: Makeup lessons from Pete Wentz

Written By bryanboy

Pete Wentz and Guyliner

Three cheers for Pete Wentz and keeping the faggotry alive. I’m all for fashion liberation and wearing what you want. But this… this… this "guyliner" thing is just too much, no? I’m already starting to get sick of this silly language hoolabaloo. I mean hello, metrosexuals, manbags, meggings and meels!!!!!

Screw you. Screw each and every one of you for coming up with pathetic "man" terms in describing paraphernalia that belong to the female kind. I’ve had it. From now on, I’m only gonna use faggots, handbags, leggings, heels AND eyeliner.  It really is ridiculous AND insecure hiding behind so-called "man-terms" when all you want to do is dress up like a chick. Bah!

Click click click.

I reaaaaaaaallly should start my own school for faggots. I swear to god, it’s long overdue. His make-up lessons are fine and dandy alright but I cringed when he shared his "fourth and final" step.

"The fourth and final step is go to sleep and wakeup with perfect eyes cause day-old eye makeup looks way better."

– Pete Wentz

Sleep with makeup on?

You. have. got. to. be. kidding. me.

Emos should NEVER, I repeat, NEVER give ludicrous make-up advice like that, especially to poor, innocent, unsuspecting souls. I’m sure it’s all done in the name of fun but come on, whatever happened to washing your face? Ugh! Sooo unhygienic. Jesus mother of god, I want to hit this guy’s face with a baseball bat.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of eye make-up.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

I used to wear Chanel mascara all the fucking time and I hated having all that gunk in my eyes.

Eye make-up is soo heavy and itchy.

Sometimes, I even skip concealer (on my eye area) because my eyes are just wayyy too sensitive let alone put eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara on — whatever shit I put on there, I guarantee you my eyes will go red.

I also hate the fact that I have to be on the constant lookout to avoid having eye makeup run streaks on my face.

Going all sweaty and drunk when you go out clubbing and have black streaks on your cheeks?

So. not. attractive.

In any case, I might give this eyeliner thing a shot. Here’s a little before and after photo chop.

I’m not too keen on black though. If ever I’m gonna wear make-up, I’d go for super bright, super flouro, pop-inspired neon colors. No?

What do you think?

Fun eh?

I went to Sephora and searched for eyeliners (duh)… I’m a big fan of Dior cosmetics… and I also like the way Lancome sounds… "precision point". Lovely.


My god, this is just WAYYYYYYY too gay for me. LOL.

Do you use eyeliner? Got any recommendations?

I swear to god, one day, when I’m on my deathbed, I’m gonna look back and tell myself I GOT AIDS BY WRITING THIS BLOG ENTRY.

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I love you all!


  1. Elaine

    I absolutely, absolutely LOVE you with eyeliner – especially with the black eyeshadow. I love that smokey look on you – you look HOT and exotic!!

  2. Your a hypocrite

    I don’t freakin get you “Bryanboy” You prance around in heels and womens clothes, wear foundation, claim you “sweat glitter” your so gay and then say eyeliner is too gay for you?

  3. ME not U

    Yeah i’m totally with you on the “guy” liner being a way for insecure heteros to be macho while doing really effeminite shit. “And Your A hypocrite can go eat shit”

  4. hey i miss you bitch!!!
    sorry ive been lost. i love the neon eyeshadow. lovesssss eet!
    come over soon for some camwhoring. and your pants and shorts are still here!

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