Gemma Ward for Christian Dior

Written By bryanboy

Gemma Ward for Christian Dior

She worked it like she owned it.

Photo credit: Christian Dior

I love Gemma and I love Christian Dior! What are you waiting for? Email me pictures of your best Bryanboy pose and I’ll post em online. My email is or MMS +63.915.785.1492.


  1. OMG! i love gemma ward too.. shes the first face in ftv in 2005 i think..
    anyway i really am a fan of bryanboy.. i should do the bryanboy pose and send it to bryanboy soon i promise!!
    love lots

  2. i soooo love gemma ward, carolyn trntini, heather marx and lily cole!! but gemma looks like sasha pivovarova that skinny biyocth(sasha) holla at me bryan!

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