Gains and losses

I think I might be able to resume pictionary soon. Things are going well with my new therapist and I think I gained 10-12 pounds recently — god knows the exact figure because I have a weighing scale phobia. Rest assured I gained weight because I can feel wobbly bits of flesh behind my arm rub against the sides of my torso. I honestly don’t know if I made the right decision (gain weight) so I may need a little hand-holding here and there but it’s been rough the past few months. Everyone around me thinks I’ve gone mad with the weight loss obsession and I’m sick and tired of people telling me this and that. Whatevs. Bottom-line is I hope I’m on the right track. People often ask me what my secret in staying/being slim and then laugh when I tell them to minimize their food intake and to smoke whenever they feel hungry. If you ask me, it’s as simple as that. Heck, it worked for me. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work for anybody else.

Before everyone goes around skipping their meals and smoking like a chimney, let me just say that this whole diet/losing weight thing is ridiculous. It turned me into a whole new different person. Every minute I’m awake all I think about is weight loss or calories or whatever. It’s a crazy mental disorder y’all! I’m really glad to have taken the first steps to recovery because I want my life back. I look forward to gaining weight! I even had cake today. Half a slice of mango cheesecake. Soo delicious. Mmm mmm MMMMM!

Oh who are we kidding? "I look forward to gaining weight" my fat ass.