For once and for all

Written By bryanboy

For once and for all.

050707_dntJesus mother of god. What’s up with the emails???? In the past four hours, I received over 300 emails and god knows how many SMS messages thanks to faggots at some internet forum. Will y’all please stop speculating about my weight? I am fat. I am chubby. I am in desperate need to lose weight. To be honest with you, I’ve lost interest in taking photos because everyone is going crazy with my pictures and y’all have something to say. People start calling you a pig the moment you gain a few pounds here and there and when you do starve yourself for days surviving on nothing but 2 cans of corn, endless cups of green tea and a shitload of ice water every day then people fire away photo chop accusations. Good god gracious. I’ve had it. I really have had it. Well, enjoy the vid below. Yes I AM FUCKING FAT. I AM MORBIDLY OBESE! AND NO I AM NOT ANA OR MIA AND I DO NOT HAVE AN EATING DISORDER. FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL GET OVER IT YA FUCKIN CUNTS!

I swear to god, some of you people are like the kind of faggots who choke themselves while they’re jacking off. I fucking hope you choke yourself a little too hard one day and your mother finds you dead with your dildo still up your ass.


  1. your filthy secret

    Oooo whos got a sandy vagina today then?? So long as ur happy with ur look who the fuck cares? take ur own advice sweety, self sufficient arrogance is the new black. n keep on doin what ur doin because at least ur getting a reaction, s’more than 99.999% of the world can claim
    your filthy secret x

  2. bading

    bb, u r disgustingly FAT!!!
    u r so fat, when u get on the bathroom scale, it says ‘to be continued…’
    u r so fat, ur cell phone has 2 area codes.
    u r so fat, when u go to boracay, the tide comes in.
    u r so fat, i saw u in nyc and my friend in san fran said he saw u too!!!
    U R FAT FAT FAT!!!

  3. moi je deteste les paparazi

    hello lovely
    i adore the silver hat
    i must have one
    where is it from?

  4. Seriously, what’s wrong with you?
    You look like a retarded smoking fag. Sometimes you try too hard. It’s not pretty. Not at all.

  5. darling! keep the skinny alive…
    too many ppl gettin fat!

  6. isobel

    duh… that’s what aneroxic people tell themselves. while being surrounded by tons of food she tells herself “im fat”. sabay pisil ng balat. kadiri.

  7. for all the straight guys in the world

    u fucking cunt ! i hope u die ! plz stop eating…. u faggot

  8. emaciated

    wont u me give me credit for suggesting the green tea? i told you its effective… i had to rush to the shopping mall to buy belt coz every pants i have gotten loose weeks after

  9. ilove the way you look u r my thinspiration bb,loadsa love

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