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I finally have the time to clean my inbox and boy, you people certainly know how to make me feel special. My email account is overflowing with your love! I still have a few thousand unread emails left but here’s what I found so far — a great new addition to my oh so growing collection. I’m not even gonna bother listing your locations — you people are EVERYWHERE!! BTW, can I just say that I really really really want to have a fan pic with the Sydney Opera House on the background? DO itttttttt for me!!! I’m sorta obsessed with Australia at the moment, thanks to Australia’s Next Top Model.

Click click click!

Keep those bloody pictures coming! Y’all know where to send photos of your love and fabulous poses — email If you have sent me something in the past and I haven’t published them on my site yet, chances are, my junk mail whatever box ate them so be sure to resend resend resend!

Thanks guys, as always. Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. LuvsUrBlog

    Love love love you Bryanboy for informing us of Australia’s NTM on Youtube!
    I’m NOW obsessed with the show…BITCHES aren’t afraid to put Ana Mia Girls on the show…And the girls in on AusNTM are Prettier!
    AUSTRALIA is the NEW Sweden cum Iceland!
    P.S. Would you post an overweight boy’s Bryanboy-pose pic on your site?

  2. andrea

    I as well caught the AuNTM syndrome when i clicked on that link bryan provided!
    who else thinks alice is the most beautiful girl? (i just wish she had enough personality to win the thing) and who else is disappointed they didnt travel internationally like they do in AmNTM???

  3. leslie

    The first guy is cute. Where is he from?
    Why are all the cute guys gay?

  4. LuvsUrBlog

    to andrea…
    I Heart Alice!!!!!!
    Anorexic Bitch better win and eat some RICE!
    I swear after countless people tell her to eat more fiber…She still aint listenin’.
    I like how she looks now but I don’t think the judges will let a way too skinny girl win the show, as the message it will say to young impressionable HOs.
    To bryan…
    I’m jealous of you bitch!
    I say this with love.

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