Fan Art: Bart from Holland

Written By bryanboy

Fan Art: Bart from Holland

I love love love love love this little artwork he made for me!! Sooo gorgeous, don’t you think?

PS. It’s election day here in the land of the flips. I know a huge majority of you are gonna vote. Please, for the life of god, vote wisely. I for one will NOT vote because a) I haven’t registered yet and b) I’m only 17 years old. Spare me from the whole it’s my obligation/duty as a citizen tired and tedious crap because frankly, I have ZERO respect with most of the people running *AND* I have ZERO respect with the whole electoral process from ballots to counting. Unless this country goes digital/computerised then maybe, just maybe, I’ll vote.

Do you think the day spa is open? I wanna get my nails done and get a massage.

PPSS. Whatever you do, do NOT vote Richard Gomez, Cesar Montano, Chavit Singson, that balimbing whatever Tessie Oreta what’s her face and any other showbiz personalities. Awa ng diyos, maawa naman kayo sa bansa natin! (Translation: Bryanboy for President 2010)


  1. You know, Bryanboy, I’ve been one of your readers for a long time and have always enjoyed your comments, fashion extravaganza, trips, etc, but this time you went too far.
    This is neither funny nor something to take lightly. There’s a fine line between making fun of controversial things and being simply socially irresponsible, and you have crossed this line too many times recently.
    I know it won’t mean a thing to you, but this was the last straw for me. I see no reason to come back here. Good luck with your blog!

  2. bianx

    omg! i saw you at Y Speak last nyt… u lookin good! and i so love ur arms! theyre super thin!!! =) anywayz ur right… maawa naman sila sa bansa natin..
    pls dont vote for migz (wats wit the z?) zubiri, mike “fake lips” defensor, and all pgma trapos

  3. Arnod

    Oh Todd. Please.
    Can’t you see how the colour of seal fur brings out the colour of Bryans skintone?
    Ah yes, the red and the white, danger and luxury, Bryanboy Fashion Hunter.
    You know Bryan wouldn’t survive without luxury, so this is totally a case of survival of the fittest!
    Love you Bryan.

  4. i’ve always believe you weren’t shallow.
    i love you, and i applaud the fact that you shown concern for Philippine politics once in a while- and lovingly at that. hello from Northern Samar. and yes… i’ve always wondered whether you’ve got your hands on Peaches. she’s been around for quite a while, and she comes into mind whenever i read you. pretty old.
    …but then again- you’re only 17. :p

  5. napanood din kita sa Y Speak kahapon.
    shet, sabi ko na, magkasing-edad tayo.
    I’m so fucking proud of you, bakla! buti na lang swedes ang gusto mo. mas gusto ko danes.

  6. Tiffany

    I don’t get what the Todd guy up there found revolting enough to tag it as “the last straw.”
    Care to enlighten?
    Elections? Or the fur thing?

  7. In 2010 you’ll only be 20 yrs old. Last time I heard 20 year olds weren’t eligible to run for presidency. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Hey BBoy, apart from all the drama, I think you should stop wearing corpses. It is not fun any more nor it is glamorous ( matta fukkas advert for it coz they make money out of it ). I think you are a trend setter and can do way better than that. They make you look like a roadkill walking :O(

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