Die-hard Matt Cole fans

Oh smell her.

I generally don’t pay attention to flak but this one is so hilarious it made me spit chamomile tea through my nose. Some miserable, bitter queen near Saratoga, CA is jealous of the fact that I, a wannarexic twink gook from the third world, "made" super pornstar Matt Cole hard. I love it. I fucking love it! Who knew my newfound Italian papi chulo (I know it’s not Italian but god knows what the Italian word for ‘papi’ is…) porn star Matt Cole have some die-hard fans out there?

Say what you want pumpkin. I got a cock pic. You don’t. All that hatred, my god. Thanks, however, for taking the time and effort in sharing your thoughts. Snap snap reality check. Maybe it’s time that you stop visiting your local bathhouse for cock? I bet you’ve been taking it from the glory hole far too many times no wonder all cocks look the same to you.

God I hate them gays. You share manna from heaven and they complain whether it’s kosher or not.

Your favourite moron.

PS. Permanently scarred for life eh? I bet you’ll be thinking of me EVERY TIME you load your dvd player with one of Matt’s flicks. I LOVE IT!! I’M A PORN STAR TOO BY ASSOCIATION! HAHAHAHA That’s the way uh huh uh huh I like it uh huh uh huh. Come and smile, don’t be shy. Touch my bum. This is life! Cheeky cheeky!