Couldn't do it.

Written By bryanboy

Couldn’t do it.

Pictionary to follow.

So tell me, using the above photograph, do I look like 18, 23 or 25? Be honest. No sarcastic "you look like 42" comments please. I’m a very insecure person.

Answers on a postcard…


  1. i would say about 38 or so
    and sorry about all the other comments..I am a fucking retard and didn’t think it was posting them

  2. well i’m not sure if you want to look old or young..but I retract my earlier sarcstic first glance you did look old but now you look really 16ish

  3. yourfilthysecret

    hunny u look emo, get rid of the hair n the trainers, wheres the meels gone?? Work it like u own it, no more of this head down shy coy bullshit. Wheres the confidence?? N enough of this thinspiration cock, its boring, irrelevant to majority of people and very, very repetitive. Read ur blog for must be years, think ya wonderful so look after urself! U mean a lot to a load of random strangers as well as the normal gaggle of people around u xxx

  4. LuvsUrBlog

    I’d say 23…
    The mushroom hair, shorts, and thin limbs make you look younger, but the gigantic LV trainers and blazer totally bring the age factor up.
    I know how it feels to be insecure about how old you look.
    I’m starting to not get carded anymore!!!!!
    Oh the Horreur!

  5. Aimee

    honestly you’d pass for 18 even im pretty sure your age is definitely not 18. TC baboosh!

  6. weevil

    Aha!!! You finally said it!!!
    YOU ARE 42!!!! (Paging Dr. Freud…)

  7. oh bryan u pre-pubescent schoolboy! 15’s the magic number!

  8. like 22, 23ish but its only cuse the blazer and shorts. any other outfit id say like 20

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