Written By bryanboy


It’s 6:35AM and I’m eating this for breakfast. I need to gain weight!

Don’t ask what that is. I know it looks like shit but damn it’s good. Let’s just say it’s brown monkey comfort food and let’s leave it at that.


  1. Giorgio

    hey…it doesnt look to tasty, but if it is then enjoy your meal :) and why do you think you need to gain weight? can it be that you’re finally listening to reason instead of uhm… fashion ;)?

  2. Adrian

    WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!?
    That is just vile.
    I know your people eat fetus ducks still in their shell but that is just gross.
    I love you BB but how can you eat something that resembles puke? Is that what they eat over there? I went to a Philipino restaurant for a coworker’s birthday and the food was utterly revolting.
    Stick to croissants and orange!!

  3. kaekekan

    bitches its rice with chocolate. shut the fuck up its the best comfort food ever.

  4. bading

    to all you imbecilic philistines, it is no more disgusting than oatmeal. and bb, try eating it w tuyo, it becomes a gustatory apotheosis!!!

  5. I agree with Jacq. That’s fuckin nasty!!!
    I’ve lost my appetite, thanks to you.

  6. utak_lugaw

    for bashing scums out there, it is better than oatmeal.
    it is sticky rice porridge in thick chocolate

  7. Debbie

    Lol, yeah champorado is just rice with chocolate. It’s good with pandesal :]
    Julia, would I be able to spread Nutella all over my croissants and oranges? Lol, lovely how people are so passionate about champorado.

  8. isobel

    bryan, why’s your champorado look like that? the color should be like chocolate. it looks like mashed riped banana.
    if you wanna gain weight. try the swine’s comfort food. leche flan! i support your weight gain campaign!!!

  9. la smiley

    ooooo, that Champurrado looks GOOD. I just wish it had more chocolate. No dilis? That would help you gain weight! ^_^

  10. I lost my appetite, which is wonderful since unlike you I NEED to lose weight for South Beach! Yay. I’m downloading that damn bowl of shit and posting it on my fridge!
    thanx hon!

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