Australia loves Henry Holland/House of Holland

Written By bryanboy

Australia loves Henry Holland

Photo credits: House of Holland,, Smoking Area

Well, what do you know. Looks like Bali-based Australian designer Nicholas Morley sent models down the runway with this "Four Kilo Anti Hero" t-shirt. House of Holland must be loving this no?


  1. That bitch got what she deserves.
    Just because she is from Australia does not mean she should be treated differently.
    bta from New Zealand

  2. First thing I said backstage, and I think nicolas wasn’t the only one, there was also sightings of these in the studio tent, now trying to remember which designer, I’ll send you the pic when i come across it again

  3. what happened to him did he get the “letter” too? what about mango and zara and topman did they hear from hoh? i think we’re the only ones who got the letter.

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