Art Exhibit: Photochop Fun

Written By bryanboy

Art Exhibit: Photochop Fun

Here’s another "art exhibit". Last time I did this was back in January. I take pride whenever people laugh at my expense. It feels good that in some twisted way, I’m able to entertain people. Maybe it’s the attention whore in me but it really feels nice knowing people laugh while I’m (or my pictures are) being served (on a sterling silver platter if I may add) on the middle of the table with my legs wide open. It’s fun! I found this internet forum where people went gaga with with their graphic skills and boy, I never laughed so hard in my life!

Edit: The following pictionary is brought to you by the boys who made this cute thing…

Click click click.
(Before you do, can I just say I would rather jump off a bridge, head first, than wear a cropped top? kthxbye)

Here’s another fine illustration from "dildoe". I know it’s very naughty but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing whenever I see this.

More choppage…

Here’s the original:

and here are few creations from random faggots….

More fun…..



Some kid from Australia even gathered a few pictures like this one…

And turned them into a CD!!!

Is the world filled with crazy people or what? I looooooooooove it!!!


  1. phoebe

    i has aids???? people if you wanna make fun of BB the at least make sure the spelling’s right! i love the illustrations!!!

  2. angel

    I love the photo with the bird in it. You’re almost death so that bird is ready to eat your body.

  3. Lorraine

    Hahaha funny!!
    But the “i has AIDS” was just stupid!!

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