Amy Winehouse Mania: She used to be obese!

I. can’t. get. enough. of. Amy. Winehouse. She’s my new obsession du jour. I love her music, I love her voice, best of all, I love her body! Well I love her body now, but not back then. She used to be a big, very big lady alright. Hahahaha! Let’s do a little Amy Winehouse "in retrospect", shall we?

Click click click to see a timeline of her dramatic weight loss!

.Look at her face back in January 2004…

Hakuna matata.

Did you know that most members of the heterosexual male human species are attracted to curvy members of the opposite sex? They like to see a full bust, hips, lips, tits, thighs, etc?

The only ones who like thin girls are pedophiles, modelizers with penile erection dysfunctions, gay men or all of the above.

Someone joined her local Fat Fighters club…

This is where her dramatic weight loss happened.

She was gone from February 2005….

…only to reappear on JULY OF 2005 as this.


She got herself more tattoos, lost more weight and fast forward to 2007, she became thinspiration galore!

I love her new jawline.

But I love that priceless gap between her thighs. Beautiful!

Photo credits: Getty Images

Gorgeous eh?


Do you like the old Amy or the new Amy?

Answers on a postcard silvous plait.

Either way I love her.