Yes or No?

Decisions decisions.

A little over a month ago, the OH SO FUCKING FABULOUS powers that be at _________ offered a super sweet deal that would feed me for a loonnnnnnng, very lonnnnng time (unless I gamble, snort it all away like Maggie Rizer’s stepdad). In fact, two of their execs flew to the third world (well, it was a side trip) for a day just to "casually" discuss it with me.

All I have to do is:

  • strip my site off with/not accept adverts that directly competes with their brand for a year
  • post their ad campaigns on my site
  • "wear" anything ___________ (think kate moss exclusive contract with calvin — it’s THAT iron-clad) on my future photos on this site FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR

It’s a little sponsorship/endorsement tra la la la deal that’s super fun. I mean hello — I’m one of their brand’s BIGGEST FANS! _____________ is a totally cool ___________. S/he is a GENIUS! The sheer amount of ________ I’ll be getting, my god, for free, we’re talking about major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ worth of ___________, __________, ___________ etc is INSANE. INSANE I’M TELLING YOU!!! THIS IS THE MOTHERLAND CALLING!!!

The downside is that I can’t post photographs of me, FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, on my site, wearing other brands of _________, _________, ___________ EXCEPT _______________. I won’t have THAT much freedom on my blog.


We all know money speaks louder than words.

Plus, my pictionary primetime will reach new heights because I’ll have beautiful things wayyy before anyone else in the world does.

Decisions decisions.

Should I sell my soul to the devil beautiful satans of _________ or no?

It’s funny cause I had to clear this blog entry with their lawyers (and mine!!!!) in order for me to post this blog entry online. Hahaha!

Ugh this is giving me a headache. Answers on a postcard silvous plait.

P.S. And please don’t ask me the name of the brand. I WILL GET SUED AS IN SUED if I disclose it. I can’t even disclose it to my own mother ffs.