Yes or No? Fill in the blanks.

Written By bryanboy

Yes or No?

Decisions decisions.

A little over a month ago, the OH SO FUCKING FABULOUS powers that be at _________ offered a super sweet deal that would feed me for a loonnnnnnng, very lonnnnng time (unless I gamble, snort it all away like Maggie Rizer’s stepdad). In fact, two of their execs flew to the third world (well, it was a side trip) for a day just to "casually" discuss it with me.

All I have to do is:

  • strip my site off with/not accept adverts that directly competes with their brand for a year
  • post their ad campaigns on my site
  • "wear" anything ___________ (think kate moss exclusive contract with calvin — it’s THAT iron-clad) on my future photos on this site FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR

It’s a little sponsorship/endorsement tra la la la deal that’s super fun. I mean hello — I’m one of their brand’s BIGGEST FANS! _____________ is a totally cool ___________. S/he is a GENIUS! The sheer amount of ________ I’ll be getting, my god, for free, we’re talking about major $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ worth of ___________, __________, ___________ etc is INSANE. INSANE I’M TELLING YOU!!! THIS IS THE MOTHERLAND CALLING!!!

The downside is that I can’t post photographs of me, FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, on my site, wearing other brands of _________, _________, ___________ EXCEPT _______________. I won’t have THAT much freedom on my blog.


We all know money speaks louder than words.

Plus, my pictionary primetime will reach new heights because I’ll have beautiful things wayyy before anyone else in the world does.

Decisions decisions.

Should I sell my soul to the devil beautiful satans of _________ or no?

It’s funny cause I had to clear this blog entry with their lawyers (and mine!!!!) in order for me to post this blog entry online. Hahaha!

Ugh this is giving me a headache. Answers on a postcard silvous plait.

P.S. And please don’t ask me the name of the brand. I WILL GET SUED AS IN SUED if I disclose it. I can’t even disclose it to my own mother ffs.


  1. jo Kiss

    Hey Bryanboy,
    Does it mean we won’t see you wearing your vintage clobber anymore? no more goyard , lanvin cone shoes,fur stole etc…
    You kinda gonna loose the essence of Bryanboy there… and camwhoring in one brand head to toe will be kinda boring..No?
    Well if you wanna do it for the money….go ahead but please don’t loose your beautiful soul…

  2. Do it if it means more Hermes, you could still wear other brands via you tube faggotry in motion…

  3. please refrain from naming names/playing the guessing game.
    my lips are sealed.
    any comments with ‘names’ from this point onwards are going to be edited/deleted.

  4. kirsten

    don’t do it.
    jo kiss is right.
    plus, it’s like they’re bribing you for some pathetic competition. be professional, dont get into their mess. i love your site the way it is and not spelled out entirely by just another brand (even though you might die for it or something). id be super sad if you do that. id probably starve myself to death for depression or something.. -your 14 y.o. reader (phils)

  5. OMG as if NOT do it. DOOOOOOOOOO IT. You know you’ll be a dumbass not to. Sure you’ll piss of a few readers, whats loosing 3 readers to gaining $$$$$$$$$$$ and possibly MORE readers? Yes yes?

  6. MyStory

    Do it. You always talk about money and this is your chance.(You don’t have to sleep with anyone!)
    I’m pretty sure some of us know who the they are just by this post.
    If you get the stuff free than take it.

  7. diorella

    I say do it. A year comes and goes so quickly. Plus think of all the wonderful things you can buy and wear after the year is over.
    But also keep in mind the downside. Remember how Charlize got sued for wearing a competitor’s watch after the exclusive deal she made? Will you still be able to make laundry lists of competitors things you want on your site? Or give reviews on the collections/red carpet? That alone would be giving up a lot of your freedom. This brand better serve you up well! We want to see you rock the heck out of your future pictionaries! No repeat accessories!
    If worse comes to worse, just think to yourself: “What would Anna Wintour do?”

  8. yes yes yes!
    just put on something by that designer each morning, do a shoot at your place, then change to whatever you want to wear.

  9. now..which brand want to paralyse their image using ultra tacky faggot as their muse? not even any high street brand i can think of would want to endorse such vulgarities

  10. sometimes saying no only makes them want you more
    ew dont listen to me tho

  11. Is it H&M? All the hot bitches out there are going for it! ha ha ha j/k
    I think you should do it! It sounds like fun! hey you can always start, no?

  12. BryanBoy,
    Here some advice. Don’t make the decision based on emotion. Ask many questions in regards to the contract and decide if it’s worth it to you.
    Jenn from Arizona, USA

  13. whatever decision you make, stand by it and just be ready to face the consequences, once you chose them, there’s always a CATCH

  14. whew i cant react to this but whatever you do BB! share it with us! we the readers are poor you know! haha! Congrats BB! think of this as a door welcoming you to the world of the ultrasuperrich!

  15. u gotta accept it! damn! they’re reaching for you! and you’re not in manilawood! this is the breakthrough you oh quite so deserve! this is your passport, your visa, your seal! GO GET IT! it’s just a year damn it! you can always make another blog right?! lol… one that shows your photos, not? eventhough! your photos won’t rake in $$$$$$$$$$$$$, damn it! GET THE DEAL OVER WITH AND BEGIN THE 365 DAYS NOWWWWWWWWWWW! Goodluck! so proud of you! remember, discrimination does exist and you’re making up for all of us, Filpinas!! on the other hand, i am so entertained of your blog! you’re great!

  16. You’re going to wear the brand on your blog, but not necesarily EVERYDAY, right?
    My head says “go”, but my heart says…”read the contract first.”
    Best of luck on yoru decision BB.

  17. these peeps also sold their souls…
    helmut lang
    olivier theyskens
    jil sander
    tom ford
    & where r they now???

  18. I hope it’s that famous brand for overweight people Just My Size or what’s it called. I mean, the clothes need to fit, don’t they? It couldn’t be anything French, since these people have met you, so they would’ve seen how
    ‘big boned’ you really are. Or did you receive them hidden behind a fan tucked away in a kimono? Paris doesn’t like a fat loser :(

  19. whore yourself!!! if it’s that much $$$$$ you can make the clothes your own… did they say that you could atleast alter them?

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