Weekend Slut: JD Ferguson (Visionaire/V Magazine)

Written By bryanboy

Saturday Slut: JD Ferguson

He’s not bad-looking for an aging old man no? My scandinavian twink fetish would be oh so totally over if only all the geriatric perverts who cross my path on a daily basis are as HOT as him. The keyword for today is VISUALISE. Visualise visualise visualise. VISUALISE JD Ferguson stark naked, on viagra, with nothing but his cock on his hand slapping YOUR face while YOU utter the words ‘daddy do me’. I love it. I fucking love it. I love JD Ferguson. I think you should love him too.

Photo credit: V Magazine Blog

Y’all should watch the Style.com/Vogue Chanel video. Clearly I’m one obssessed, deranged son of a bitch. You’ll also see the lovely wicked witch of the east Sally Singer with her spot-on comments about global warming, jackets, knits, something about "fake snow in the middle of winter" and chiffon-y dresses. JD Ferguson said it best: "yeah yeah definitely and the haaaayyrrrrreee I laaahhhhhvvv the haaaaaaayyyrrrree"

PS. I can totally see it coming now. One day, Sally Singer is going to give me a makeover and JD Ferguson will do a before and after shoot with me as the star! Kumbaya my lord kumbaya! JD’s website is www.jdvision.net.

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