Tan in a bottle

Written By bryanboy

Tan in a bottle

It’s 2:39AM on a Sunday and I’m supposed to be working on something but I just spent the past 2-3 hours tanning myself. Yep. From a bottle. Here’s the result. I think I went overboard, no?

Click here for a larger photo. I’m soo fucking narcissistic I replaced Snejana and used it as my desktop background. LOL.


  1. jeweladdict

    you look like a very gay kanto boy. magtinda ka na lang ng balut.

  2. jeweladdict

    You look like a gay kanto boy. Magtinda ka na lang ng Balut.

  3. You tan bitch! I’m whiter than a polar bear.
    I don’t even look good tan either hahahahah.

  4. sarah

    don’t u know tanning is for farmers???
    u wanna have alabaster skin like those belonging to the leisure class…

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